A Mysterious 80'sRiddle which ran in the Pittsburgh Press want adds about structures along Pa. Route 51

It has completely changed over they ears the stretch along Pa. Route 51 Clairton Blvd.  in Baldwin Boro.

But at one time there was a Johnny Guarneaus  Golden Spike Restaurant Now a Mexican Restaurant  after several revisions and a Howard Johnson's  restaurant and motel  which became an Indian restaurant known as the Bombay and featured a white elephant made of wire with green ivy growing in it.  and now is a personnel care home and CVS drug store   and across the street was Beacon AMC a  car dealer which became Yellow Knife Trading Company which burned down and is now  a breakfast restaurant called First Watch.

But all 3  business played part in a riddle in early 80s  when an add ran with clues in it to this day not fully explained what it was about .

" Where the golden spike was driven where the elephant grows green and the yellow knife burned is where our passions meet ."

Plus some other wording I can not recall.

At the time it was speculated as some weird advertising for the restaurants in the area  maybe the location of a prize or was it a secret spy message ,or some one trying to meet back up with a lost love or someone  being silly either way it would run for  several months in the papers classified section and was never fully explained.

Myself and many others followed the message and its clues  but never found anything to it.
 even the press got involved and was not able to explain it. and so its another ne of those unsolved mysteries. of strange classified adds.

A little insignificant concrete block building in Butler County once played a part in keeping our nations roads safe before the interstates where built.

Thousands of people have driven past the small insignificant block building on the side of US-422  which runs thru  Butler County Pa. near Moraine State Park  and the only thing that might attract your attention is the old vintage blue Embarc Phone Booth that sits by it but if you look a little more you will see remnants of a red and green traffic light on an old wooden telephone pole
while the site is obsolete and no longer used today at one point it played a significant role in protecting the motoring public from overweight and dangerous trucks in 40's to 60's  when US- 422 was one of the major routes for Tractor Trailer drivers heading east for New Jersey and the Eastern Seaboard before interstates I-79 and I -80 where completed  and this is when US-422 was mostly just a 2 lane road with dangerous curves and steep hills before it was widened to 4 lanes and straightened in many areas. .

If you where a truck driver and running overweight  or with out proper plates and tags or otherwise afoul of the law this little weigh station could get you shut down and facing significant fines and confiscation of your rig till the situation was corrected.
and more than a few trucks coming out of Ohio back in the day where stopped for violations .
Which is why the station was placed there because of the rolling hills once you got over towards Kittaning. Which has seen several horrifying accidents of runaway trucks on the steep hill leading out of town towards Indiana county