A series of Bombings in 1931 Pittsburgh against Italian Organizations unsolved to this day

1931 was a year of turmoil in the Italian community's of the USA  as a wave of mysterious bombings around Pittsburgh and other large city's with Italian populations. Possibly by Anti Fascist's or Anarchists who where  opposed Benito Mussolini  absolute take over of the country of Italy. A sworn enemy of the (Mafia )  la Costra-Nostra  Benito Mussolini had many enemy's world wide.

One such bombing caused severe damage to the front of the Italian Consulate in oakland section of Pittsburgh

 at 511 North Neville Street as seen in the picture above
Although there was an arrest in Cleveland FBI was unable to tie the cases together and the individuals responsible are unknown to this day.  Where mafia sympathizers involved after Mussolini had many arrested jailed and tortured or deported very possible.  But this again is a case where the statutes of limitations has long run and those involved long dead and gone. It makes for an interesting foot note in Pittsburgh and US history. as many Italians where not welcomed in this country when they first arrived in this country seen as foreign invaders they where often discriminated against and at times paid even less than negro workers at the time when some coal mines etc paid Irish , Negroes and Italians much less than others.  so could anti Italians have been involved in the bombings ? this is also possible as well . Who ever did the bombings they covered there tracks well. 

A Real Life Alligator in Beaver Run . Reservoir in Bell Twp Pa. ?

Yes the summer of 2011 was an interesting one in Bell Twp in Westmoreland County when an Alligator was spotted swimming in the closed to the public Beaver Run Reservoir  by Reservoir employees. The waters which provide drinking water to parts of Westmoreland County .
I some times take Pa 286 as a short cut up to US 22 and one day while riding by there was all kind of news
 and police on scene so  I knew something was up and there surely was. 

 Apparently some one had a pet alligator which got too big and it was released into the reservoir. spotted twice during the summer of 2011 it has not been seen since and the extreme cold makes the chance it survived the winter of 2011 highly unlikely .  While the reservoir was off limits to public there was still plenty to worry about with family's which lived near it . Yes there have always been rumors of alligators in sewers which is nothing more than a myth they can not survive long in the waste water , but snakes have been found usually dead. the carcass of a very large python was found in a city of Pittsburgh  sewer in Overbrook when I was a kid  in the 60's I remember the picture in the Pittsburgh Press and knew the city worker who found it.