They say strange things have gone on in Larrys Road House along Sawmill Run Road.

For many years I only knew the place as a  large  multi unit private residence. But then one day it was remodeled  into Larry's Roadhouse a restaurant and lounge  along steep whited street which at one time served as a  boarding residence for those who traveled  on the railroad tracks next to it.
Rumors of a judge who resided there  who hanged himself along with serval other deaths I have not been able to confirm.
But claims their spirits linger with in seems a possibility if it really happened .
As seen in expert from  Three rivers haunts and History Website

LARRY'S ROAD HOUSE (Brookline, Pittsburgh) The old converted mansion on Whited Street has been many things since it was built circa 1850. It was an inn along an old railroad stop, a place that rented funeral carriages, allegedly a brothel, a private residence, and now Larry's Road House, a bar/restaurant. There have been several suspicious deaths in the building. A pregnant woman allegedly fell down the second floor stairway, killing herself and her unborn child. On the third floor, the spookiest area of the house, a judge hanged himself in the 1900's and another nameless soul fell out the window to the great beyond. There have been reports of several poltergeist-like activities, such as electrical disturbances and objects disappearing or being tossed around. Other phenomena include chairs moving & levitating, disembodied footsteps & voices, and the sighting of a misty Victorian era woman on the second floor landing.

Now I grew up in nearby  Carrick and passed the place many times and never heard the word haunted until Larry's Road House opened in the place.  
Then storys started circulating.

At one time I subcontracted for Americas Security Choice and alarm dealer long out of business and he   had the contract to put in an alarm system for the place and his regular full time installer Jeff reported all kinds of knocks on wall's shadows and doors slamming as he installed he system he got pretty spooked by it. 

Larrys is currently closed now going on almost a decade as materials lay in its parking lot they where in the process of rebuilding and ran out of funds. maybe the ghosts do not want disturbed. Hopefully some day  the house will once again be open and you will be able to find out for your self what goes on.

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  1. Just discovered that it was haunted - would love to investigate, especially since it's just down the road from me by two minutes LOL