Who would dig up a 100 year old boys grave ? Plus Human Bones found under an old Butler Hospital floor? 2 strange goings on in Butler county

Why in deed would anyone dig up the grave of a boy who died 100 years ago .In one of the strangest cases around some one digs up a grave of a boy killed by a train nearly 100 years ago .

Could it be dark witchcraft or satanists at work?Possibly they found something in grave they needed for a ceremony ?  
Who knows very strange in deed Some one looking for treasure? well what ever it was that caused them to dig it up we will probably never know .
Then around same time this happened under the wooden  floors of the Old Butler Memorial Hospital which was turned into apartments and is visible at the towns entrance as you go over the bridge on Pa Route  8  they have found what appears to be human bones as well which there has not been anything in news with either of these incidents in last 3 years since they happened.
Old yellow brick butler hospital on right along hill side 
Butler County has many more mystery's as well including all types of disappearances and unsolved murders more than any other county in Western Pa.
Tales of bodies being dumped in old coal mine shafts and alien UFO and big foot Activity yes you have it all in Butler County which I will be discussing in upcoming articles. 

Beloved Beer Merchants Murder still unsolved after almost 10 years

I ride by the place at the intersection of Lowries Run Road & Rochester Road all the time I do not drink adult beverages so I have never been in there but those who  I know  have always said Joe was the greatest when it came to knowing his customers and taking care of them . That was till one  cold October night in 2006 when they found Joe laying out in his parking lot shot dead by unknown assailants
A possible robbery  gone wrong the full details have never been released  other than it happened late in the evening .
Was it some one he knew ? was it an argument over something ? possible was it transients traveling thru the area  taking advantage of a store sitting back in from road the way it does? very possible with I -279  a mile away but either scenario is possible and still a very cold case with no leads and no video Joe did not have a camera system either a big mistake and sitting back from the road and lighting not very good was an open invitation to trouble even in relatively quiet Ross Twp.
but it is not that quiet the Ross Park Mall and business around it  on McKnight Road also known as  Truck -US-19 have attracted the wrong elements from the North Side and North View Heights Projects  of Pittsburgh to travel out and cause problems and its just as likely it could have been some one from there . 
But so far all leads have panned out. 
I hope they find and bring Joes killer to justice some day but that day is likely to be a long time away.

Armored Courier looses its load of money and creates a massive search for money taken from scene

A colorful alarm dealer I knew who owned an alarm company which provided services to banks   often came into same 2 alarm supply houses I use for buying parts from  and he was always fascinating guy to talk to. Self made and hard working he built a small empire servicing the smaller independent banks around Western Pa. along with owning several other small business. But he recently passed  a shock to us all who knew him.
Unfortunately in the weeks leading up to his passing one of his company's  Fidelity Courier Service  had the back doors of one of there vans fall open along Pa. 19 in Upper St. Clair near a small office park and money go everywhere. people stopped some took a handful and took off to be captured and arrested  later and and some stopped and helped gather it up before police arrived. only $400.00 recovered .
However 2 young men in a small white pickup scooped up one of the bags with thousands of dollars and fled the scene and Local police and FBI has been trying to track them down since .


Now this behavior of people to do this came as a shock to many as Upper St. Clair and community's surrounding it  is a very influential area you would not expect those traveling in this area to do such things but it did. People no matter there stature in life seem to act like ignorant pigs when given the opportunity.

You would think with all the technology and resources of FBI those 2 men would have been found out by now especially if all of sudden two guys show up in new cars etc.  or all of a sudden are big spenders at the casino but this does not appear to be the case there either sitting on it waiting for statute of limitations to run or there spending it a little at a time.
Now with all the cameras along that stretch of road you think something would have caught them or some one would have squealed on them but its been almost 4 years and nothing and in another 2 years the statues will be run and the colorful alarm company guy I knew will never of had the satisfaction of getting the money back after all the criticism his company received for not doing a better job securing the money in the van.

Still unsolved after 30 +years 2.3 Million Dollar Purolater Armored headquarters Robbery

When I worked for the now closed holmes protection in 1980 some evenings  whenI was not on road handling call I would be in central office in the old 6th street garage where Mellon Center is now located   I would get a call from a Guard at the Purolator Headquarters in Brentwood/ Carrick area to verify all alarms armed and set.
After I left holmes and there terribly run alarm company never thought about Purolater again but in March of 1982 when the place was closing up and a single guard was on duty  2 men would come in and say they where FBI and when the single guard let down his guard they grabbed and bound him and made off with 2.3 million dollars in untraceable cash.
To this day it is unsolved though a couple of names have come up over the years said to be involved but at this point the statute of limitations has long run and no one will be prosecuted because there was no violence involved.

When the crime happened I immediately called the FBI these criminals had to be working on inside information  and told them to make sure they look into all the guys working at holmes as we all knew only one guard was on when they closed  I do not know if they ever looked into it and never received a follow up call.
So if they ever checked the lead out I do not know. 
But who ever pulled it off definitely had inside info as almost no one  who lived in Carrick and Brentwood  even knew the place existed in a back alley behind Brownsville Road  there is just a garage door and no signage and no indication the place even exists it looks like every other back alley door along the alley.
So if it was not some one from Purolator involved it had to be some one who provided service or who even built and or repaired or cleaned the place or people who lived or worked in rest of the building upstairs.
Many leads to check out and chase but apparently none that lead any where.  Who ever these two men are and who ever helped them has never been discovered and remember this was a time when all the mills where going down and people where desperate so a little information could be easily bought  and loose tongues in bars of laid off employees from places did not help.