Dale Kerstetter Was he a Willing accomplice or a Victim in a $250,000.00 Platinum Robbery in McKean county

It was Sept 12th , 1987 when there was big news out of Mckean County Pa. when a security guard and $250,000.00 dollars in Platinum went missing from a Corning Glass Facility

Dale Kerstetner was working by himself as a Security / Maintenance man in the plant  when he is seen  talking to a masked man who has apparently broken into or was let into the plant by Dale .

a $250,000.00  dollar Platinum Pipe from one of the furnaces would go missing as would Dale
was he a victim of a crime as the above  missing person piece suggests or was he a willing accomplice who was double crossed and murdered. Or was the whole thing a charade  to make everyone think he is dead and gone. $250,000 even then was alot of money but not life changing money and they got no where near that when they sold it on black market so one has to wonder.

The case even caught the attention of Robert Stack and his NBC Unsolved Mysteries program which was in production at the time but to this day there have been no leads .

 Dales if he is even still alive he would be in his 80's  and statute of limitations has long run out.  Surprisingly not much attention has come of this case all these years later.
as with so many cases.

"The Red Head Murderer " He is still out there and possibly still preying on young red headed woman.

In the 1980's it was not a safe time for Women in W.Pa.  with several who disappeared never to be found and others murdered and dumped in rural areas  and especially if you had Red Hair
One serial Killer in Particular known as the Red Head Killer was traveling around the tri state area.
who would prey on young red headed lady's  and to this day has not been captured .


This killer who many believe to still be alive and possibly still active has been  indicated in as many as 8 -11 deaths of red headed women  and  at one time it was thought a truck driver may have been responsible since the murders happened off of interstate highways and in so many states. 

Many of the women appear to have been involved in prostitution which makes it that much harder to track 
as people consider them society's throw away's  and not worth  worrying about.

Pa. Investigators  got involved  as they thought the red head killer may have been involved in some unsolved murder victums found dumped  in Pa.  But to this point none has been confirmed but the cases are still being looked at as possibly related.

and a trucker possibly being involved makes sense since it is well known certain truck stops are crawling with Lot Lizards what truckers call prostitutes so one getting in a truck and vanishing would go un noticed very easily and just as easily when a trucker stops and picks up a hitch hiker.

This once again is a case of if you see something say something  as this is only way this killer will be brought to justice if he is still out there.