A totally made up Urban Legend about a City of Clairton Pa neighborhood

The City of Clairton has gone thru a rough time like many of the Mon Valley  community's  and you will find entire areas of empty homes. One such section in the Wilson section of Clairton known as  Lincoln Way .Which interested a writer Johnny Joo  who wrote a made up story  about a monster haunting it.
and how the monster had scared away the residents . The street  is now totally abandoned and shut off to traffic .

 The whole story of any kind of a monster haunting this area is total nonsense . I know many who lived in the area and no one ever talked of a monster  . The reason the homes are abandoned is because people moved away to find jobs elsewhere in the country. Plus these homes in particular where bought out for the stalled Mon Valley Expressway .  Many a time I was up and down this road and never saw or heard a thing.,other than to see how it was deteriorating like so many other areas in the valley. The reason so much was left behind is because some of the people where elderly and moved to Nursing facility and did not need to bring things with them and they left stuff behind. See this all the time in community's an elderly person whose children live out of town gets sick goes to hospital and never comes home children come to town take what they want and leave the rest even see meals left on tables uneaten plenty of homes all over the area like this sitting abandoned and taxes and utility never paid and will never be fixed up due to all the tax  and utility liens on them.
I have done work for realty company's and you should see all the stuff left behind by apartment renters especially college students when I go to do repairs and check units conditions.So how these homes where left does not surprise me. as far as cars left probably have blown engines transmissions etc. or could belong to some one in jail. My mom had a car sitting for 9 years across from her place after owner was sent to jail and city finally towed it. 

The houses were  torn up by thieves looking for scrap to sell or old stained glass windows which could be stolen and doors and mantle pieces  anything of any use was stripped from the homes by thieves not some made up monster. 

But now that the whole made up story has hit the internet its being taken for gospel truth just like the totally fabricated story of the Gongalier mansion on Pittsburgh's North Side and the Wood Chopper in Penn Hills. 

I recently saw some one post about a house with Address of 666 on Rodi Road in Penn Hills and they wondered what went on there. Again total nonsense there  some ones imagination. 

Yes ghost story's are fun but if your going to publish them as fact instead of legend you are doing the 
paranormal community a disfavor.

Note : The entire block of homes has been torn down and leveled with No Trespassing Signs posted
in 2018