A little known park inside a J&L Steel Mill built by Steel Workers on Pittsburghs Southside Now lost to History

My dad was one of the lucky  ones being able to retire from J&L which Became LTV steel before it totally closed down in Pittsburgh

But when it was still running full steam in the 1970's some steel workers on there lunch breaks built a beautiful little park they could eat there lunch at in the south side works somewhere near the old No1# mill. shown in photo below

I have been trying to find pictures of it as it was shown in an article which was published in J&L Steel Workers magazine .But have not been able to find copy's of the magazine or the article and I do not know if anything was ever published about the little park outside of that magazine

Unfortunately those who built it  would know about it would be well into there 80's and 90's if they are still alive.

It took up an area about 100 by 100feet and contained a small walking trail benches and a wishing well made from a sewer pipe and even had a small pond with gold fish

It only lasted a summer or two till vandals got into the mill after operations in that area ceased and destroyed it.

If I find anything on it I will update you on it.

They say death awaits those who see the young man on a white horse in Shotts Cemetery near Ford City Pa.

There is a small isolated cemetery up a lonely country road near Ford City Pa. which has a legend of a young man named Ruben Briney who is supposed to have hanged himself in anguish after losing the love of his life from his white horse on a near by tree

its  said he has been spotted riding his horse and if you se him you will die like he did. 

Although the grave was a real grave and he may have in fact committed suicide the rest of the creepy tale appears to be more legend than fact. 

The story coming from the epitaph on his grave stone 

"As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you will be; Remember me as you pass by, Prepare to die and follow me."  

How ever if you want to check it out the cemetery is accessible and close to Crooked Creek State Park. 
Which is a big time gathering place for horse lovers as they hold a yearly rodeo. 

So seeing ayoung man riding a white horse in area is very possible.