How does an 88 year old man disappear earlier this month without a trace where is George Pochiba ? /Sadly we now know

When I have seen what friends have gone thru dealing with loved ones who have severe dementia  like has happened in my family or Alzheimer's my heart just breaks for them that's what makes the disappearance of 88 year old George Pochiba  so difficult to understand.

Where can he be they have used  state police helicopters , tracking dogs and hundreds of people have been looking for  him how far could he have possibly gone. Scenery Hill is a very scenic rural area I have been thru on US 40 The national road many times full of unique shops and boutiques  and its  a large area to cover but the people looking know the area like the back of there hand .
Is it possible he is staying with some one and there not letting family know ? was he abducted? Did he fall in a hole or old well  and has perished? all these terrible thoughts goes thru your mind.
I just hope this story has a happy ending for all.
 But Georges case is all too just familiar , one of many elderly who go walking away from there homes never to be seen alive again and as  in most cases they sadly end when there remains are  found months some times years later by hunters or hikers.
I sure hope this is not the case for George and all turns out well.
Having dealt with friends whose relatives develop dementia  they often revert back to memory's when they where young and possibly this was what George was trying to do to get back home or some where from earlier in his life.
If you where a fan of the Sopranos TV show  you will remember a episode where elderly Junior Soprano went wandering into his old neighborhood and was luckily found by the police. A late friend of mines mom when she developed dementia kept looking for the young daughter who had died decades ago  in the 30's from illness .Its heart breaking to watch them go in and out one day they know who you are the next your a stranger to them .

 There are tracking wrist bands and alarms  available  to help prevent wandering even systems which can be put on a loved ones home for a few hundred dollars but most people do not know they exist or when they do inquire unscrupulous dealers want thousands of dollars for a system which costs $300.00-500.00
This is where we need help from corporations and charity's  to help family's with these tracking systems being put in place .Because it happens all the time especially in Western Pa. where we have the 2nd biggest elderly population behind Florida . No family should ever have to go thru what the Pochibas are now going thru . Its not fair we have the technology to prevent it and we are not using it.

Update : Sadly  They have Found Georges body in a grass field near his home

A Horrifying Robbery and Murder of Shop keeper and 2 customers just over the state line over 40 years ago goes unsolved.

East Liverpool  was once a bustling town along the Ohio River  just across the Pa. State line and the thinnest section of the W.Va. panhandle as its known at Chester where you can see the worlds largest tea pot
Located along US 30 the town was once considered the china and pottery capital of the world  I  Remember riding thru East Liverpool on Sunday drives my dad would take our family on and passing all the china  outlet shops of the E. Liverpool Factory's  including ones  located along US 30  in Imperial  Pa.  such as Scio China near Pittsburgh which unfortunately burned to the ground couple decades back.
But it too became a victim of the rust belt when the steel mills went down not needing all the ceramics used in industrial  steel process and cheap foreign imports only a couple factory's now exist in the whole valley .
Still a beautiful old town to ride thru where you can still see some of the industrial kilns and tour a pottery museum it was also the scene of a most horrific robbery murder of a shop keeper and his  2 customers in. 1973

I was just old enough to be entering high school when it happened and remember  hearing about it on evening news.
It was a hot day when the robber or robbers came into used furniture-antique store of elderly  Earl Tweed and during the robbery  2 possible customer's who walked in on it where also killed a pregnant 22 yr old Linda Morris and her 4 yr old daughter Angela  in a most horrific beating and stabbing .
Just blocks from local police station. 

The robbery and murder was like none before and drugs and junkies where not yet at the point of proliferating in the Ohio valley  and crimes where small in the town. 
With US 30 just 2 blocks away  it could have been a transient and the Lady walking in with her daughter just complicated matters  during the robbery and beating or it could have been some one local but for as violent as this murder was you think some one would have heard or saw something with the murders happening around what is beloved to be the noon hour.You think some one would have heard a scream.
One angle I do not know if police looked into was fact Mr. Tweed  had rental property's was it some disgruntled renter or was it some one who came to inquire about a rental and instead decided to go for the money they possibly saw?
1973 was also the time when Debbie Makel was killed in a most horrific fashion in Rices landing Pa.  as well any link. Was this a serial killer on the prowl? 

Some day hopefully we will know thru DNA but I am afraid once again the killer will have long been dead or too old to truly prosecute. 
It appears from Google Earth the ramshackle shop no longer exists US 30 is to the left

A body found in Pieces all over Allegheny County and a Murder Mystery still unsolved since 1988

Like something out of a Edgar Allen Poe Novel as a head is found in a dumpster  in North Versailles  and what appears to be a lung in a garbage bag in North Braddock  and other body parts are found all around Allegheny county in the winter of 1988 and into  the spring of 1989   A most heinous of murders which played out almost everyday as the search for more body parts went on .
The victim it was determined was Anthony Michalowski

 A young man with a history of drug use  and living on the street  and getting into trouble by himself or with his brothers and who was last seen on Christmas eve  at his family home asking for $3.00 which he promised to repay.

The coroner at the time Joshia Perper determined that Anthony had a high amount of drugs in his system and was probably unconscious when decapitated. 
But who he aggravated to the point they would do this to his body has never been determined .

Add onto the family's misery that they would loose another son Richard  to a suicide  which he committed  after he was arrested and lodged in the county jail. that summer 

There was even speculation he may have been a victum of the infamous Jeffery Dahmer which was a hot subject at the time.

Which proved to be false but Dahmer did live in Penn Hills as one time.
There was also speculation the killing was so horrific it was a message being sent to junkies your next if you do not pay up but there also appeared to be nothing to it as well.
The horrific killing and mutilation has gone cold  with no further leads and luckily there has not been another such case since then.

Was it a drug dealer so pissed it was a message?
was it a serial killer ?
Was it of a satanic ritual?
Was it some one local or from another city who did the deed? we will probably never know unless DNA was lifted and a future match is made.

Even Ghosts and Spirits need Protecting at an old Haunted Insane Asylum in New Castle

I have plenty of spooky properties I take care of where rumors of paranormal activity take place like at an institute for at risk youth and a former Train engine rebuild shop in Braddock. But this one tops them all.
A  long time customer of mine purchased Hill View Manor and has turned it into a full time  paranormal investigation attraction where real paranormal investigators  come in and set up expensive equipment to detect paranormal activities .But you do not need equipment to experience the strange things that go on in this building even working in there in the daylight the building makes all kinds of strange and unusual noises. Just ask the 2 friends who came up to help me and got freaked out by it. The fact that many suicides happened in the buildings over 10,00 people passed away during tenure of the buildings and several Ghost investigation shows have been thru the place just added to the tension.

Hill View manor opened in 1925 as The Lawrence County Home for the Aged  those who where  mentally ill and those who where indigent and had no family who could take care of them ,and as you can see by some of the pictures I took it was very grande and modern place when it first opened.
Main Entrance

  But with time comes changes and the facility changed names to Hill View Manor and became more of a skilled nursing facility to close its doors in 2007 because it was costing too much to run and keep it open

My customer bought the property at auction but vandals and thieves had already started to do there handy work breaking windows and stealing copper from with in the electrical pipes.
I suspect contractors did this not your average thieves as it took knowledge not to electrocute yourself
As you can see in the above picture.

But then after my customer bought the property what to do with it . With all the rumors they heard about ghost sightings and paranormal activities they decided to start running evening tours of the place just as it sat .

A specter in the  left doorway?

Working in this corridor to boiler room often felt like i was being watched
Do you see an image of some one in upper left of picture many say they do 
But there was a problem out of concern for the guests and to make it all legal my customer needed to have exit signs installed along with handicapped restrooms and The fire system needed to operate that's where I came in the building had an existing Simplex system but was in disrepair and because it was a proprietary system it would cost well over $20,000.00 to fix it. something cost prohibitive.

So I was able to reuse some of the parts and I put in a Honeywell 128FBPT combo Fire and Burglar Panel  at which time I added multiple Honeywell ASC    dual tech motion  sensors all over the place to discourage further burglars  as my customer had a Dewalt now Tattle Tale portable alarm which gave limited coverage.

The new system also has Internet and cellular back up communication so he could use Total Connect basic to remotely control and view cameras with in  it which was a bonus as he does not live close by and with the arming and closing signals  emails , he now gets he knows his workers have showed up on time to conduct evening tours.
 The change out went very well because the entire system was revamped with new wiring in 2001 .
of course chasing out the old system and installing the new components was a challenge.  The elevators no longer worked which meant hauling stuff up and down steps and just the shear size of this place with all its twists and turns its easy to get lost  .
Add in all the funny and spooky noises and  working in the dark in many areas just added to the tension of the place, which included a friend and my self experiencing what sounded like a woman in high heals walking right towards us on the second floor's cracked up vinyl floor which actually went in and out  as we heard the foot steps . Then add in the  mysterious shadows appearing in some of the pictures  I took plus coins and other items left on counters and window seals seemingly jumping off the counters all by them themselves .
  There was also the incident when  my  customer first showed me the Simplex Panel the programming disk was missing  then after touring building and coming back to the panel there it was seems the ghosts like to play games and hide things. There was also that constant feeling when we where installing and programming the panel that some one was watching you and in picture above some claim they can see the outline of a figure on the left side of picture.
Now being born on a Friday the 13th  well you can just imagine all the fun we had.
and even those who do not believe and have walked all thru the place by them selves will admit they either heard or saw things they could not explain. So why not come and check it out for yourself I have included some additional pictures of hill view below/

back up generator another area copper was stolen

grinding wheel in boiler room

boiler room condensate pump

2nd floor sitting room

toys for the ghosts of children to move  and we herd all kinds of kids  giggling etc back in this wing 

railroad retirement certificate of some one who passed at hill view and belongs are still there 

water powered tub for bathing patients 

New Castle and Lawrence County an area of many unsolved Murders and Arson's and home to one of the most haunted places in america

Located along US-422 in the central section of Western pa. is located Lawrence county and its City of New Castle both with a long history of unsolved Murders back to 1800's  and Crimes which includes a current Arson Fire Spree .
New Castle was primarily a Railroad  connecting town with several railroads having junctions there including the famous Nickel Plate Road  and a heavy industrial manufacturing base which suffered like the rest of Pa when big steel went down.
I have spent a good deal of time around Newcastle when I was a kid being involved with collecting minerals and attending the mineral shows at the magnificent Scottish Rite Masonic Hall on the hill  and currently service customers in the town which suffered greatly and is now rebuilding and looking good.
However there are those determined to ruin it with a constant string of arson fires despite numerous arrests and convictions.
It is also home to Hill View Manor which I provide services to a former county run Insane Asylum said to be haunted and which Paranormal tours are conducted.

One of the oldest  unsolved criminal cases goes back to the late 1800's where a New Castle City Treasurer was killed during a robbery of the treasurers office  one criminal admitted to it but was discounted .

It is also believed that a Cleveland Ohio Serial killer known as the Torso Killer may have dumped victims in a swamp in Lawrence county with it only being a 2-3 hour ride away.
When I was a member of the New Castle Mineral Club we held a yearly show open to the public at the big mason lodge and I would often stay over night as part of the security for it and to save driving back and forth from Pittsburgh aprox. 2 hr drive and we often had a New Castle Police officer they would hire especially when we hosted the national mineral show in 1976 and had a piece of the moon rock on display. Got to know several of them best guys you would ever want to meet and we often talked about the community and they said there job was for the most part dealing with locals who caused crimes very few strangers from outside the area caused problems as most people just bypass the town on US  422 bypass   Which is why some murders more than likely went unsolved  as there was no trail as they where done by outsiders . But this was
before the industrial base was destroyed in Lawrence county  it was mostly  Bar fights, bookies and gambling and domestic disputes with an occasional rare  murder.  But as industry went down and jobs where lost drugs came in and section 8 housing proliferated  New Castle became a battle zone. With constant series of Arson Fires , shootings and stabbings.Most of it due to drug activity with I-79 a well known drug Corridor which runs near the community .
While they have worked hard to keep the town from falling apart and keep crime low I feel perfectly safe working in town  and you know what areas to avoid like many city's  it is a constant battle in the town and I wish them the best in continuing to make the town shine like it once did.
The officers and officials of New Castle and ts surrounding Lawrence County are to be commended for their hard efforts in making Lawrence County a great tourist destination. 

Shawnee Chief's Corn Stalks Curse is it responsible for so many tragic Fires, Accidents , Deaths and Disappearances in the Tri State area ?

With all the things that have happened to me over the years  people often ask have you been cursed ?
My reply no I am still here and managed to survive whats happened  by Gods will and it was his will I went thru what I did to make me ready for when the Stage IV Colon Cancer came and be ready to battle it.

My 6th Great Uncle was a Indian Missionary John Heakewelder  and negotiated with many of the Indian Tribes  for the US Government  so if one of them is mad and put a curse on the family  for being double crossed because my Great uncle negotiated with them and you wanted to say yes this is why all the things that have happened in my life have happened so be it. But there are many family members who have not had any such issues. So to say its a curse is nonsense.

Well the same question you may ask of the Tri State area of Pa. OH. and W.Va.
As many times when a tragedy happens they are quick to point to Chief Corn Stalk  and the Moth Man.
Yes really the Moth Man seems he shows up before a tragedy happens.
I can tell you this there are many creepy and scary places all over the tri state and there have been many Tragedy's  to numerous to even list  .  Is it a chiefs curse  the moth man or just human nature ?

Well first lets look at the Curse put on the area by the leader of the Shawnee Nation Chief Corn Stalk

"May the curse of the Great Spirit rest upon this land. May it be blighted by nature. May it even be blighted in its hopes. May the strength of its peoples be paralyzed by the stain of our blood.”

This was Chief Corn Stalks  parting words as he lay dying after being double crossed by the white man.
The whole story of which can be read in the  link below

As far as all the tragedy's that have befallen those who live in the Tri- State for the most part it was because of mans own undoing.
When you look at the Matwain Coal Mining strike and massacre  when you look at the Hatfield s and Mcoy's Incident  or the Point Pleasant bridge collapse  its all mans own doing.

They talk about the Seven Deadly Sins and when you look into each and every disaster  one or more of them are a factor . Not a chiefs curse but mans own hand causing it. Which is what the Chief loosely said would happen when you read his words
Mans own Greed , Arrogance,Ignorance ,Pride  Stupidity and Uncaring selves.
But of course that does not explain all the strange things which have happened in the area which some seem almost supernatural so maybe there is something with a curse.
But trying to scientifically prove it that's another issue all together.

Better we allow Chief Cornstalk to rest in Peace and give the native Americans the respect the deserve than
fool with mother nature and gods laws but some how we never learn and pay the consequences.
Just like the chief said .

Fayette County State Troopers call it Fayettenam ! For a reason for all its violence . But did you know there is also treasure hiding there?

Fayette County  Known by Locals as Fayette Nam   has a long history of Violence, Murder, Arson ,explosions   Labor Disturbances , Mine and railroad disasters , Floods   and Mystery's

 Dubbed Fayette Nam By newly commissioned  Pa. State Troopers who work in the county as a break in for there eventual permanent duty posts  Fayette county is the perfect training ground for fresh troopers  which is mostly  rural  has few local police and has the highest rate of  Unemployment and Poverty in the State its no wonder it is in the evening news almost constantly.

With its rolling mountains and deep hidden valleys  there is plenty of story's and lore about the area.

One of the  things Locals warn you about are the Inbreeds and Mountain People who live in the more remote sections of the county.
You only need to go shopping in Connelsville  at Pechins Village  along US 119 on certain nights and see the characters there shopping when they come down out of the mountains . There is nothing you have seen on Face Book or Realty TV even comes close , having experienced the mountain people and inbreeds myself  while working in more remote areas of the county.

But even with all the bad there is so much good to see and do there if your careful and mind your manners.

One persistent rumor that has always been it seems in the county is hidden treasure of 16 tons of gold and silver bars and coins  which was plundered  from troops escorting payrolls during Civil war  or stolen by Highway bandits and hidden away in caves  waiting to be discovered. It is even suggested a chest of treasure was left behind by British troops who where attacked in Braddock and left it along the trail some where in hasty retreat back to Maryland

There is even the strange case of a relic which seems to be from middle east even being found in one such cave.

If I was going to hide treasure or a body if I was a mob member Fayette county would be the place to do it with all its abandoned coal mines with deep shafts and deep hidden ravines and cutbacks you could easily hide something right in plain sight yet not be seen.
There was even rumors of a small silver mine up near Laurel caverns along US 40 in late 1800's

But the real treasures are the beautiful mountains and streams and water falls  which can be found on just about any back  road you take off of US 119 .

So if you go looking for treasure mind your manners and enjoy the day and just be aware of your surroundings .

Volunteer Firefighters and Arson the Deep Dark Secrets of the Thin Red Line

While one of the most horrific Arson Streaks by a firefighter  period was by a paid professional Fire Officer John Orr who is in prison  for life . It is rare a professional fire fighter is charged with arson.
On the other hand the Volunteer side sees 50 times the numbers of professionals who get convicted of arson.
The problem Volunteer depts do not have the resources and the rules to become a firefighter like paid company's and open their doors to all willing to help.
With this in mind you would think volunteer depts would do more to discourage such practice and look for signs of it but they do not . In fact there have been cases in PA where Convicted Arsonists  have served as Chief officers in PA. depts.
 It happened in  Braddock where an officer who was convicted of torching a grocery wholesaler was still serving despite the arson conviction.

 At Penn Hills Station 224# Point Breeze  where I once volunteered I left in complete and total disgust by what I saw going on by so called brothers.

 In fact  Firefighters at Penn hills  224#  and 223#
where suspected in helping   with arson in a string of barn fires in Plum Boro in the 80's and 3 Plum Boro fire fighters ended up charged  and another was sent thru ARD program for a  small fire at a Penn hills school  restroom and another time a chief got suspended after he allowed a friend in fire hall and he shows them video of fire he started and recorded on a VHS tape .

So What drives these firefighters to do it.

Boredom seems to be one of the big things firefighters not having the big fire breathing dragon to fight get easily bored especially young firefighters who then decide to start some activity .It starts with small fires and leads to bigger and bigger fires or firefighters getting injured as was the case in Penn hills when Firefighters where caught pulling a fellow firefighter by inner tube around a Penn Hills park and would get injured


Then there was the Ex firefighter thought to be behind false fire alarm tones being set off in Penn Hills  as well,7612372

Unfortunately Penn Hills has become the Laughing stock and butt of jokes in the tri state  for all its antics.
 Which never seem to stop.

Thankfully the Pa. Association of Arson Investigators which I belong  to and have taught electrical causes of fire classes , has started a" Hero's to Zeroes "
to help combat firefighters who get the itch to start fires .
But arson is just the tip of Firefighters and their behavior.

Theft of funds , Intimidation and threats to members ,being drunk on duty
Deliberately damaging property and hurting fellow firefighters, racism yes it all goes on and is too many time
it is condoned and not discussed and swept under the carpet .

 I will never forget as a kid when on the way home from my grandparents my dad spotted red flashing lights on an adjoining hill and took us to see the fire and one of the depts from Carnegie area showed up and firefighters where so drunk they fell of a ladder and got hurt trying to climb it.

When on a drill one night in a truck yard off Plum Street 224# firefighters loaded up and took several sections of large green  plastic sewer lines with them and shoved them in the squad  from  work being done in the truck yard ,because a fellow firefighter wanted to use them at his cabin to improve roadway into it.

They will all deny it but I was there and they where there and they know what went on.

or take the time before small fireworks became legal in Pa. at the time Pennsylvania had some of the strongest restrictions when it came to possession and setting of of fire works.
That did not stop Penn Hills Station 226# in one of there vehicles after being at a fireman parade from taking the vehicle and in there uniforms driving over the Ohio state line buying illegal fire works bringing them back and when confronted by a reporter from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Reporter about the illegal fire works blowing it off by saying its no problems we know the local cops.

Just like always sweep it under the rug. a furious Penn hills council did nothing but give lip service.

Then there was the case of a drunk fire chief wrecking a fire truck in Indianola Pa.  but in that case the dept was dissolved after not correcting problems as was a dept in Fix Chapel who would not follow rules but that the exception not the rule when it comes to misbehaving firefighters .

I was also the exception when I filed a discrimination complaint against Penn Hills 224#  and several other firefighters have done the same with other depts to try and get the dark side which goes on with in depts. stopped.
This is why you will see so many firefighters belong to 3 or more depts over their fire career as they hop from dept to dept to try and find one where they fit in and work as professionals not clowns looking to slay the dragon and be heroes.