A young Women murdered in her home during a 150 Mile Bicycle Event Weekend in 1990 is there a connection?

As a member of  Allegheny Valley React  an Emergency Radio Communications Group we often got asked by Bicycle Groups to provide Safety Patrols along routes they where having events on.
It was in  1990  that we helped with a 150 mile event that went thru 2 county's and during that weekend a horrifying attack and murder of a young woman Emily I Johnson  would take place right by where the bicyclists would pass.Unsolved to this day.

I do not know If state police even looked into fact the bike route went past the home  on that June 11th of 1990 or if they even knew I tried contacting them thru the media at the time and never heardback but over 500 bicyclists went by that day and may have heard or saw something or even be involved but information was never looked into or shared.   and the place Emily worked J&L Structural no longer exists.  
But this is one of just a very long string of unsolved homicides  in Rural Butler County. 

A Real Life Lion Protecting a Junk yard in Beaver County its true

I have heard tale of an old  junk yard  near Aliquippa which has a Real lion to help guard it and the story is true
He is kept in a large cage on the property  which is no longer a working venture but now a storage location  for the gentleman's business .

I heard all kind of story's about it but there you have it in black& white The junk yard is located near where flight 427 went down in 1993 and I will try to get a picture of Kingsley if he is still there next time I am in area. 

No Answers in disappearance of 3 yr. old Nicole Brenner from a South Side Super Market 30 years ago

Nicole Brenner 3 years old  was shopping with her mom in the now closed and moved Giant Eagle in February 1982 on  the South Side of Pittsburgh when her mom turned around and she was gone .
Never to be seen or heard from again and the case took so many twist and turns including her mom being accused of accidentally killing her and burying here along Whited Road a short cut I take from Brookline to Carrick  my self and many motorists use. If she was even buried there it had already been strip mined for coal and her remains would never be found.  the case is still open and cold.

Many including myself believe the mother is not telling the truth what happened but its been 30 years and nothing has come out well past the statute of limitations if mother arranged to have her disappear with relatives as some suspect. 

3 Young Girls missing in 1981 One found murdered 2 never found where they connected?

I In an earlier article I covered the case of a Young Girl Christine Gunther who went missing in November of 1981 and was found couple days later murdered and in months leading up to her disappearance and murder 2 more young girls disappeared  never to be found 


Michelle Reidenbauch went missing in September of 81 in Zelinople and  and  Toni Lynn Mcnatt in November of 81 in Clairton 


All 3 disappearing under similar circumstances . The work of a Serial Killer? very possible  and there has been no answers in all 3 cases.

Unanswered questions after firefighters find a woman in burned out jeep in North Side by Scrap Yard

I travel by Warhola Scrap yard all the time when I go from north side to the Strip District the famous artist Andy Warhols brothers business is a busy place during the day but not at night when a vehicle was found in flames and after firefighters put them out the discovered the very badly burned remains of a woman Jamie Lynn Stickel 33 a popular bartender her body and flaming vehicle was found on a cold February night in 2002 at 4:00 AM near where she rented an apartment.

Was it an accident ?was it a homicide ? damage was so severe it may never be known.
But friends believe she was murdered. But no new leads have come about in 12 years since it happened .
I can tell you this the north side is crawling with all kind of criminals and lost souls when it comes to human beings as it has several homeless shelters and half way house facility for newly released criminals.
The North Side is no place to be at 4:00 am So I can understand why her friends think it was foul play. 

Unsolved killing of two young teens on Rural Butler County Road in 2002

There is a short cut road I use between Mars and Evans city appropriately called Mars Evans City road  when I am working in the Zelinople area.
Rural road and one day I hear on the news that 2 young  teen boys  have been found dead on one of the roads which lead off of it. cash dollar Road in July of 2002  they are  Possible hit & run victims Shawn Bauer and Scott Fosnaught  both 15 and both mysteriously killed  and still unsolved to this day  what really happened  thou one man was prosecuted for selling alcohol to the under age teens but investigators are no closer to what happened last I heard   .


What happened we may never know but some one does . One possibility they may have stumbled onto something they where not suppose to see. Like a drug Deal etc. but till some one comes forward or the woman who was prosecuted talks we will never know .

They buried a what on Neville Island ? Yes they buried an Elephant among other things

Neville Island is an industrial shit hole of an island on one side and a really nice residential area on the other.
at one time it was all very fertile farm land and the asparagus grown on island was featured on the menu of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York  but then with demand for steel and other industrial products needed for WWI  1/2  of neville Island was seized by the government for production   then horn swaggered by US Steel. after the war and not returned to the community.
and its never been the same since .
There have been all kinds of story's about the island one of them  of the island being used as a body disposal site for the McKeesrocks Mob and body's  do wash up along the river bank occasionally but with all the digging being done down there you do not hear of any body's being found and besides the island was 24 / 7 with activity and many plants had guards patrolling as well if they closed on weekend. I know I spent many days on that island at several places working Guard shifts

Another dusty dirty day on the island 

There is a small burial yard on the island right in the middle of all the industry.

However there has been this persistent story of
an explosion at a rendering plant when they brought an Elephant that died at the Pittsburgh Zoo down to be rendered.
This is a known fact that they disposed of Zoo  animals at this on the plant on Neville Island  and Herrs Island and that's  where the story  gets interesting .
 The explosion which did happen and severely damaged the plant in 1963 but it was a sewage pump station which exploded and damaged the rendering plant.
Not the elephant which blew the plant up but that's what locals will tell you.

remains of old rendering plant building 

old rendering plant behind new garages 
After the blast the elephant and machinery was buried and plant cleaned up and operated into the late 70's
So the story has truth to it just not all the facts right .But its still funny as hell.

Beulah Church Road Cemetery Haunted?

No this is not the Beulah Presbyterian Church your  thinking of in Church Hill Pa  on Beulah Rd  Allegheny County this one is along a very rural  Beulah Church Road in Armstrong County near the Coal Patch Town of Brownstown.
The Church no longer exists having burned down but that's where fact and legend get mixed up.
I Take Care of and Engineer at  WAVL 910 AM in near by Spring Church section of Kiskimetas Twp. and as one of my duty's I must every 3 months run out to 3 points and check our signal level to make sure we are on signal and not causing problems and Brownstown is one of the points I travel to which is by way of Beulah Church Road where I pass the old cemetery and upon doing some research I find there is rumors it is haunted by those who perished in a fire at the church . The fire did happen but it was at night and no one perished  as one legend goes . Most say the haunting started after the church burned down and was not replaced . Maybe the spirits are mad there is no church to attend? I have never seen or heard any kinds of activity in or around the well kept  cemetary . But people love to belive what they will believe .

 As you can see its really rural out there on the  narrow twisting lanes many times I have encountered Guys having fun in 4x4 jacked Up  customised Pickup Trucks running up and down the road but no ghosts .

But if you want go check things out  for yourself .Be careful as the roads are tight and narrow not well marked or maintained  and limited cell phone coverage. 

Did a UFO or Nazi Bell mystery Craft actually crash in Kecksburg or is it all speculation.

I was on my way up Pa 31 thru Mt Pleasant about 20 years ago when a came upon a sign Kecksburg 12 miles. Kecksburg ? yes where did I know the name from then it dawned on me the old NBC- Unsolved Mysteries TV show with Robert Stack .Never had time to check it out .
Then while recovering from Colon Cancer treatment  I visited Kecksburg several years ago  and it has since exploded on the History Channel as they have an ever presence of UFO investigation shows and even the Americas Hero Channel shows on WWII which talk about the Nazi Bell and connection to Kecksburg.

I was young boy of 6  when it happened and do not remember it on news at the time as so many other bad things where going on then in the news and did not even here about it till local news ran a show on it about 30 years ago and then the NBC Mystery Show.
Of course now with Radio Shows like Coast to Coast AM and the Internet have brought out all the kooks and conspiracy theorists about what happened there, which some claim nothing at all.The night of Dec. 5 ,1965

Poster from X files TV show 

replica of craft supposedly found in kecksburg for TV show 

OK  so what really happened it was during the cold war and I believe it was a Soviet space probe which crashed  not a Nazi Bell which means we have old Nazis running around here .
So if that's what it was I can understand the cover up of what happened if it was an National Security Issue  maybe some day we will know for sure but till then just speculation.  just like the B-25 crash into the mon river.
In the mean time Stan Gordon and his UFO group continue to this day to get reports of strange lights over Western Pa all the time.

Sabotage of Train tracks in 1941 which resulted in 5 dead unsolved to this day in Beaver county

I stop for coffee and gas  every once in a while at the Sheetz C store along Pa 65 in Baden  that day while enjoying my coffee on cold day  across road way they where working on nearby tracks and an older gentleman standing beside me who I greeted and agreed weather was very cold  said to me yes good day not to be working outside. He went on to talk about a bad train wreck in 41 nearby on
March 17 1941 the Cleveland to Pittsburgh  Passenger Train is en route thru Beaver County in Baden when it is thrown from the tracks 40 feet  into the Ohio River which results in 5 dead  it is discovered the trains tracks have been loosened and the protective signal which warns of track separation had been bypassed.
A suspect is arrested but released and the case has gone unsolved over 70 years.


This is prior to America entering WWII but it is going on overseas and there are those in America under suspicion of being collaborators and sleeper agents ready to attack in particular German Citizens who are major part of immigrants in the country. If they did have anything with the wreck there has been no connection established. Was it a Disgruntled Railroad Employee  very possible it took expert knowledge to disable the signal system.
But none was found responsible. It is believed the actual target was the Manhattan Limited which passed earlier with out incident .lots of questions but no answers.
There is also an unsolved train wreck from sabotage in Lawrence County as well

In a strange twist while reading about the baden story in a local paper It reminded me of a similar passenger train wreck in 1995 in Arizona where train was deliberately derailed in similar manner  and no suspects found.
a note saying Sons of Gestapo an unknown group was responsible. Coincidence ?

Its been a year since Penn Hills resident Dan Niehaus disappeared into thin air as well as Armstrong County resident

An employee of Tribune -Review Paper who lived on Lime hollow Road not far from me Dan seems to have disappeared into thin air his truck and keys found at his home.

Was there a home invasion and he was abducted and murdered. Did he go for a ride with some one who killed him  or did he commit suicide in the woods all the terrible thoughts which goes thru ones mind when a person disappears for no reason. 
Around the same time a man in Armstrong county near Avonmore also went missing and has never been found Albert Copper III


Both cases the men disappeared and left behind there wallets and cell phones like they wanted to disappear and walk into new lifes.
But until they are found only the worse can be thought.

Still Unsolved Murder of young Girl on way to school haunts Peters Twp. 30+ years ago

I have have traveled thru the Donaldsons Crossroads  interchange many times where  15 yr old Christine Guenther  was abducted and murdered On a cold rainy  Oct 26 1981



Donaldsons crossroads 
A customer and good friend built a golf ball driving range across the near by lake in 1984 and
Even in 84 the area was still largely undeveloped  as we where building the range  there was still plenty of talk around her disappearance  and murder by locals who helped with the range project  and its gone over 30+ years unsolved.
The interchange and area around it has been overly developed now and you would not recognize it if you have not been thru it for a while .
 Her body was found along Cecil Sturgeon Road in South Fayette in Allegheny County at the time a very rural area and road so it would appear who ever did the crime had to be a local to even know that road existed.
Perhaps Christine after waiting so long for the non running bus excepted a ride from some one  who seemed worried about her or  she started walking home or to pay  phone to get help when she was abducted.
But no one has seen any thing or any one pick her up.
Serial killer very possible I have long suspected one or more of running around the area and in this case ready to pounce at opportune time.
But fact her body was found where it was suggests some one local who had to know area and that road .
Which is still very rural  as South Fayette is now being slowly taken over by home developers.

Cecil Sturgeon road 

Many Unanswered Questions in Abduction and Murder of young John Baglier from Clearview Mall in 97

It was a sensational case that cold winter of November 9th of 1997 when  18 yr old John Baglier an affluent well liked Butler County youth would encounter and be abducted  from Clearview Mall and murdered by 23 yr old Richard Gamble  by all accounts  a loser from Ford City in Armstrong County
The coward gamble would take his life in Arizona when tracked down and confronted by Law enforcement after making Baglier change into his clothes  and stealing his identity and credit cards .
johns Body would be found in Armstrong county several weeks later in a culvert along a county road about a mile from where Gamble grew up.



With Gambles death went many unanswered questions as to why he did what he did and did he have help in planning and executing his crime did he conceive and plan it all by him self.
Unfortunately we will never know unless some one comes forward with further information.
But why Would gamble from Armstrong County travel all the way to Butler County to that particular mall
and choose that particular victim.
Ford City and City of Butler are 2 worlds apart  I have worked and traveled both areas and done work in the mall itself and kids from Ford City do sometimes make the 45 minute drive down US 422 to the mall to hang out  so did Gamble track and watch his prey before pouncing or was it strictly an impulse crime grab first affluent kid you see and think will not fight back and take  from him
out of jealousy because they have it all and you have nothing seems to be the case but to then take off on what plan and think your going to get away with it that's a whole different story.
But then again Gamble was nothing more than a loser.
He had no idea what his actions have done to Johns family and those who knew and loved him other than his own pathetic cowardly wants.
If others where involved I hope it is discovered and they get there due punishment.