They say at the Sarah Heinz House that Sarah still makes here presence known to this day

I have passed it many times but was never inside this landmark on Pittsburgh's North Side  The Sarah Heinz house  which was started in 1901 as the Covode House by Howard Heinz the son of    Ketchup King H..J. Heinz as a  club for boys many newly immigrated who had hard times and needed a hand up in life as the club grew  and added young lady's in 1903 it eventually outgrew the original location and in 1913 n new structure was built and named Sarah Heinz House after Howard's mother Sarah.
Up till it was cleaned up in late 80's the building was dark and grimy on the outside from all the smoke and soot of Pittsburgh's industrial past you would have never known it was a youth club the building always seemed mysterious and most think its an office for the Heinz plant   the old section closed and now made into condominiums and the new side of the plant sold of to Baytree Foods .
Although the building still stands and an addition was added on in the 90's in the rear the entire area around the Sarah Heinz House has changed Completely with the expansion of Pa route 28 and building of the I- 279 interchange all that was around the building except for old Heinz plant is gone

How ever they say Sarah Heinz and a young boy who passed away from an accident in the gym area  still make their presence known in the building. As people often feel they are being watched or followed and sometimes an occasional shadow or lights blinking.
The Sarah Heinz House still to this day serves youth from around the north side and will always stand as something good the Heinz family did for Pittsburgh.