A Secret Underground Armory located within Dixmont State Hospital? Thats what one investigator clams

Unfortunately Dixmont State Hospital which sat along Pa 65 Ohio River blvd. in Dixmont  no longer exists.
It was torn down and was to be replaced with a Walmart until the entire hillside came crashing down  when they started adding soil to  the site to build it up.

But around the area where the Boiler Houses once produced  Steam Heat , Hot Water and even Electricity
an old friend of mine who is an Private Investigator and has done extensive research claimed that there was a underground  armory in the shape of a beehive  which  weapons and supplies  were kept when the hospital was part of federal governments effort to take care of wounded union soildiers  during  the civil war as many hospitals ended up overun with wounded soldiers at the time .

While almost all traces of the old dixmont are removed minus the Camarata Building rumored to be haunted and now used for private business you can still see an occasional foundation sticking out  here and there and while digging was done there was  no major excavating was done prior to placing all the dirt and fill on site so there may well be just such a hidden beehive armory under the ground. Of course now we will never know because the slide destabilized the whole hill side and its being turned into a park. Ground penetrating radar may pinpoint it but it would be too dangerous to try and dig down and confirm it as the hill side is still sliding  to this day  inch by inch.

It would make sense such a facility would have been on the property but it was probably emptied  filled in and sealed after the war like so many other old war emplacements which there where many around the Pittsburgh region  including over a dozen ramparts built to defend the city.