A young Women murdered in her home during a 150 Mile Bicycle Event Weekend in 1990 is there a connection?

As a member of  Allegheny Valley React  an Emergency Radio Communications Group we often got asked by Bicycle Groups to provide Safety Patrols along routes they where having events on.
It was in  1990  that we helped with a 150 mile event that went thru 2 county's and during that weekend a horrifying attack and murder of a young woman Emily I Johnson  would take place right by where the bicyclists would pass.Unsolved to this day.

I do not know If state police even looked into fact the bike route went past the home  on that June 11th of 1990 or if they even knew I tried contacting them thru the media at the time and never heardback but over 500 bicyclists went by that day and may have heard or saw something or even be involved but information was never looked into or shared.   and the place Emily worked J&L Structural no longer exists.  
But this is one of just a very long string of unsolved homicides  in Rural Butler County. 

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