Ghosts of a deadly 1927 national labor strike which came to Harmar Coal Mine comes back to haunt crew building new Hulton Bridge

As you ride over the soon to be replaced Hulton Bridge named for a local politician in Oakmont Pa. you cross into Harmarville now known as Harmar twp. and its like two completely different worlds.
Oakmont a wealthy river town Harmarville a blue collar working town with a coal mine and small industry.

The mine which shut down in the 1980's produced bituminous coal used in the production of steel
but in 1927 it became embroiled like many other coal mines across the nation in a bitter fight to unionize coal miners. and Harmar like other mines called in the Coal & Iron Police  a private commissioned Police force
that was nothing more than legalized thugs and which would eventually turn into the Pa. State police.

Harmar  Coal Memorial near fire station 

Typical Coal & iron badge and officers below 

These thugs had absolute power and as the violence in nearby Russelton poured into the valley
The Coal and Iron police  committed assaults and murder at will .
During the time period it was rumored that many a miner who had  pushed to unionize disappeared
into the Allegheny River off the Hulton bridge wrapped in chains and dropped into the river.  
Rumors of these tales went on for decades .
But then the state decided to replace the very old Hulton bridge with a new bridge and as engineers started exploring the old river basin under bridge. low and behold they started finding many lengths of chain as reported in the papers. 
So it looks like the rumors where true. Even my friend Grizzly talked about the Coal & Iron Police dropping body's off the bridge as well. Of course every one is ready to poo poo the whole thing as you will find chain and every imaginable thing in the river but to find as much as they did where they did you have to wonder.
besides the story's of what went on during the strike there is also a road nearby rumored to be haunted as well called 13 bends which I will be writing about as well.   and all this with in minutes of unsolved missing people and  killing of a Verona Cop.

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