The legend of Green Man also known as No Face Charlie . He was a real person whose legend spread to many regions

Just like the legend of the 13 Bends Road the Green man Legend has some truth to it but it has been re told and adopted by other community's .
I remember hearing about the green man in  Allegheny County's South Park clear back in the 60's when I was a young kid he was supposedly a utility worker who got severely shocked and skin turned green and he
would hang out around a tunnel off Piney Fork Road

Only problem there is absolutely no truth to him hanging out there or in north hills or anywhere else in Allegheny or any other county except Beaver County in the town of Koppel
He was a real person named Raymond Robinson

He was also known as no face Charlie and in fact was severely disfigured by an electric shock when he climbed a trolley bridge and struck a power line  as a kid .

My friend Joe Mallack 2nd from left with the green man Raymond Robinson

Greenman's Tunnel South Park

While he lived and only traveled the roads around Koppel in Beaver county mainly Pa 351 his legend has gone all over the place where people have meet him and how he was injured  all just made up story's and if you really did meet him in Koppel you would have to be well into your fifty's to have done so.
I traveled  sections of Koppel/New Galilee road many times as a kid  both days and nights as a short cut to Ellwood city where our family stayed with friends along Conequenessing creek and never ran into Raymond  until one nght when we where on our way home from new castle and I still use the road as I have customers in Beaver falls and Ellwood City  and I travel down Wallace run Road  Pa 551 and go over the bridge on Pa 18 which replaced the trolley bridge where Raymond was hurt and never knew this is where The Green Man legend came from till  I started working with an older electrician from beaver county  Joe Mallack 73  who personally knew Raymond  and would protect him  and one time he and his biker buddies took Raymond to Ohio for a beer  I found  this out while researching this article on Raymond .
So another legend busted unfortunately. But he did exist but no where outside the Koppel area  but still fun to tell your grand kids or scare a girlfriend so she holds you tight as you go check his tunnel

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