A new mystery a young womans body found at a Mercer Waste Transfer Facilty What it takes to solve a case like this.

Just imagine you have been working all day in 80 degree heat in waste transfer facility  the stench so bad you have to take breaks your day is just about over when you come across something odd .
At first it looks like foot but then to your horror its a woman's mangled body. You shut down the line and call the foreman and he calls 911 soon police and coroner are on scene.
Well this is exactly what played out last evening Wednesday June 25th 2014 at a waste transfer facility in  Grove City Mercer County.

As Sherlock Holmes would say the game is a foot

But this is no game as investigators start putting the pieces together .

First the crime scene meticulously recorded in every detail. Next coroner removes the young girls body for examination .

As autopsy results are being prepared investigators are determining a time line for where possibly the body came from and what truck brought it and at what time it was brought to facility.  Its a very big area 2 states and multiple county's. My bet is it came from Youngstown area very rough crowd over there last couple times I worked  in the area. 

Who is she?  detectives are  working on description of victim and notifying other agency's in attempt to find out who she is. Possibly they will get a DNA  or finger print hit from evidence collected during autopsy  if she has a criminal record or some one will  call saying they know some one fitting description is missing. 

Is it a tragic accident or a homicide?
That's just one of the questions the autopsy will try and answer .
Was she homeless sleeping in dumpster or drunk from a party and fell in and unfortunately crushed or is this a body dump or was she stabbed strangled etc. 

Who, What ,Where Why  these are the questions that need asked and suspects and persons of interest will need to answer depending if its an accident or a homicide. 
 A jealous boyfriend, a rapist killer?
The way she is dressed in jogging work out clothing was she kidnapped from a trail  or gym then killed.

Developing a suspect and then a case  prosecutor can pursue after a suspect is linked.

This is what can take the longest time once suspects are identified being able to link them to the crime.
sometimes thou there are no answers Who or why?

In all over 20,000 man hours will be spent on this case and hopefully with results. 

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