Edward Wayne Edwards a little known Serial Killer who prowled around Pa. from 1983-86

Edward Wayne Edwards grew up in Akron Ohio  but spent time as an incarcerated  juvenile  in 1948   near Philadephia
 Then again in 1967 in Lewisburg  Federal Prison near Philadelphia and again in 1982 for Arson of a rental home all while plying his trade as a serial killer  it is believed he could have killed as many as 100 people during his 66 years  of causing havoc and terror . One detective believes he could be behind some of the Zodiac killings and Black Delilah murders as well. Having recently released the book  " Its me " Edward Edwards the serial killer you never heard of http://coldcasecameron.com/

This is another case of what all he did in his life and who he  may have killed will never be known .
He passed away in prison while awaiting execution , and unless bones or other evidence  show up specifically linking him to a crime in this area we will never know but with his track record you would have to believe he was active here as well.
There where plenty of unsolved rapes and murders  at the time he was running around here , but he was not the only one running around. He is not specifically being looked at for any murders in Pa. at present but you never know.
I do not know what attract these individuals to this area but it seems  the region is a cross roads many travel thru as they go about there crime sprees . This area is also very active with illegal drugs and there transportation as well.  

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