They say old soldiers never die ? Seems to be the case in the old New Brighton Armory

 I remember riding by the   Armory in New Brighton as a kid going to vacation at a friends place along Conequenessing Creek near Ellwood City  it always looked like a formidable castle  home to 28th signal battalion  the battalion has a long and haunted  heritage of battles fought.

But then as  Guard Units where slowly being down sized in the state they did not want to see this big beautiful building go to waste so it was offered to the Town of New Brighton who accepted it and built its towns offices in it.


Unfortunately though it seems the soldiers who once trained and marched in the building have not left 
 as there have been several cases of paranormal activity in the building 

One such case happened to my friend and fellow electrician Joe Mallak who was working there late one evening when he and his helper heard the unmistakable sound of foot steps marching across the floor above them and going down the stair case.  Township employees have even had apparitions appear. 
But they have all been friendly and  every one takes it in stride .  
Are these the sole of those who went off to battle and did not make it home or just wild imaginations?
Either way the story's just add to the story of the building. 

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