A message from God ? Strange case of lightning striking a church causing damage but not causing a power surge or fire .

It was a warm summer Sunday morning when the congregants where attending services at Christian Community Church  in  a former Presbyterian church when a fierce thunder storm came up  and there was a tremendously loud noise.
The 4 point  steeple on the church was struck by lightning and one of the points  was destroyed.
 and is in the process of being removed.
Miraculously there was no fire or power surge despite the fact the lightning tore a hole thru the roof of the steeple which contained plenty of old wood inside.It appears the water pouring in during the storm prevented any thing from catching fire and there was no physical damage to the structure holding up the spire ,
 although there was significant water damage it was confined mostly to the floor areas directly below the steeple.
In a weird kind of irony a Catholic Church up the street was struck by lightning a week later and its vast pipe organ damaged.

While plenty of jokes all in fun  have gone around  that God was sending a message he was not happy a non denominational church moved into a former Presbyterian church .It appears the church has been hit before even thou its not the highest point in the block.
Needless to say the current non denominational church plans on installing lightning arrestors as they have found out this is not the first time the church has been hit and with the arrestors hopefully it will be the last.

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