Mysterious Steel structure in Mc Keesrocks is actually used to protect the bottoms area during floods

Yes when you ride down river road past the Lockhart complex in McKeesrocks Bottom area you come across a most unusual looking industrial structure right before the tunnel entrance  to the Bottoms .

It looks like some type of swivel attachment to do with the railroad which runs over top but what it really is used for is that it swings down and forms a protective barrier against when the river floods and helps to hold back debris from entering  thru the tunnel and destroying the Bottoms area as it is known which the railroad embankment helps protect the area as you can see in photo below . Last used around the 1994 flood and made ready in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan remnants caused concerns of river flooding  it sits there ever vigilant ready to be deployed in an emergency flooding situation.  as flooding has devastated McKeesrocks many times over the years. Most people ride right by it never knowing its purpose but now you do.

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