Jilted lovers and an unsolved murder over 200 years old in Fayette County

 As I travel thru Fayette County  I often listen to the local 590 AM WMBS radio station which  carry's  much local programming and one evening they talked about this murder that happened in 1810 in then very rural Uniontown  that saw the local residents shocked when the body of a young 17 yr old  Polly Williams  was found by a group of girls as they walked under a large cliff from which it appears she was possibly thrown after being in a scuffle possibly with a young lover . Or was it truly just an accident she lost her way and fell. 

Her you lover Rodger Philips was tried and found not guilty and the crime has gone unsolved to this time but is sung in folk  song and told in scary story's as a warning to those young and in love as a precaution to always be careful when in love.
 The story possibly even lead to a couple of Hollywood Movies where such a scene plays out.

The whole truth of the matter thou has become convoluted with story's and legends now mixed in that the truth of what really happened may never be known and since so much time has passed and evidence disappeared it will remain unsolved.

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