A Very Strange Case of a Fire in One mobile home being put out when a 2nd fire breaks out in another trailer down the road .

This is one of the strangest fires I have come across in many years.
I have been a Broadcast Engineer for  WAVL 910 AM  since 2000 and when I first started doing work for the station the short road which leads into the station had a half dozen mobile homes located along its left side. Some where well kept while others where not. But one day  in June of 2005 I get a phone call from a neighbor said I may want to get up there as a trailer had caught fire and then after first trailer was put out a 2nd fire started in another trailer and it may have been a power surge.
Worried I might have possible damage at the station transmit site I drive up to Kiski Twp.  and firefighters are wrapping up. I identify my self and they allow me down to the station  I check my meters and yes the station did have a surge the Lightning  alert LED was lighted meaning we took at least 1000 volt charge thru the antenna system. But there was no alert on incoming electric power
Everything seemed OK I reported what I find to the State Fire Marshal  who thanked me for the info
and showed me the damage at the other trailer . Very bizarre it was all blown out around the wall switch like something shorted out yet no one along the road reported there light blinking or power loss to indicate the Air Conditioner in first trailer failing and catching fire and the switch catching fire in the other trailer. While no one was home and no major appliance running .
Original trailer to have fire is to right where fire started in Air Conditioner 
2nd trailer which mysteriously caught fire after first was put out

I never did hear if the State  Fire Marshal got any further with his investigation but it was definitely one of those head scratchers .  How the 2nd trailer caught fire. the first trailer you could clearly see was started around the air conditioner and people where home the 2nd ?  and to start so much later than first if it was a power surge.

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