To ride by this Monroeville Pa. property today you would never know the importance it played during the cold war as a nuclear parts manufacturer for US Navy

Yes thousands of people ride by this place everyday on Monroeville Blvd and have no idea of its history. in the 1990's I had the privileg to do so when I installed an alarm system in the structure as a sub contractor.

What starts out as a one time normal looking big house and was the private residence of William B Kelly it  has behind it several sunken structures with just the roofs visible  rather strange you might say but at one time up to a dozen or more people worked here making essential parts for nuclear reactors for US Navy

By the time I got to put the alarm in the property had changed hands several times and has done so again the house use to be a financial planners office and residence. But when I first looked the job over and saw the sunken and underground structures and heavy power which once went to machines you just knew there had to be a good story behind it. In this case there definitely was.

Ends up a funny story about this place a customer of mine who owned a chocolate shop and worked full time as a machinist  stopped and applied for a machinist job from Mr. Kelly and did not take it thought it was just a small place to work for not knowing how much he did not see that was underground.

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