They say the Haloween attraction The Scare House in Etna has Real ghosts in it

Yes the Scare house is one of the top Halloween  Haunted House Attractions in the country located in an old Elks Lodge in Etna Pa. You go from one horrifying scene to the next as you travel thru the dark hallways

 There is even an evil bunny rabbit with an axe which chases people.

But when all the fun is done for the evening and the actors go home for the evening thats when they say the real ghosts come out to play


As members of the Oakmont Paranormal Society recently discovered after being invited to check out rumors of actual paranormal happenings at the famous attraction. As guests and visitors report  cold spots and feeling they are being watched and other creepy things

Drake Bowan Director of OPS reports they picked up the sounds of a piano playing in one EVP
as well as several spots where K meters showed possible presence of activity. As they investigated the building which with all the joy and happiness as well as some times sadness that went on with all the different activates  you would expect memory's to stick around and this seems to be the case at Scare House.

Which is getting ready once again for the 2017 Halloween season 

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