If you have this Top Hat design on your Game Room Floor ? Your old house may well have a conection to the Old Pittsburgh Mob.

I have worked in many old homes in the Pittsburgh area and many where at one time owned by Italians who make up a  large part of the population  and even have community's  they settled  in like Bloomfield , Sharpsburg and Penn Hills etc .
So it would not be unusual to find similar likes and taste  in how the homes are furnished . But in one case  the old home you own may well have been owned by an old Pittsburgh Mobster or one of their many friends and associates ,if they have a certain top hats' champagne glass and playing card motive in the center of there game room Floor.
It seems that Pittsburgh Godfather  John Larocca liked this one particular floor pattern that he  had in his own game room  in his north Hills residence in Ingomar , its middle square a top hat with cane  playing cards around outside border   and when friends  who would visit with Mr. Larocca and be invited to his game room for drinks asked him about the unique design he would send a  rug /tile layer over he knew and had it put in for them.
I found this out after installing a burglar alarm at a woman's house in the Squirrel hill section of Pittsburgh I asked her about it when I saw it in her basement and told her I had seen others and thats when she told me the story about the floors .  Her late husband who died in a private plane crash during bad weather  was John Larocca's  long time attorney and the floor was a gift from Mr Larocca. The center top hat tile was designed custom just for Mr. Larocca and his friends and associates.

I have seen the floor pattern in old   Bloomfield  ,Squirrel Hill  and in East liberty sections of Pittsburgh
It was definitely a 50's  Vegas cocktail lounge type theme to it and unfortunately most of the floors have been removed or covered over or the homes demolished ,  which is a shame as it was seen as dated and uncool. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the design but needless to say  this floor was expensive to put down and since the Pittsburgh mob was big time into gambling I can see why the floor  design would have been so popular
Hopefully I will run  upon it one more time and be able to share an image of it. But its now one of those great hidden story's about the Pittsburgh Mobs past. They may have been criminals but they did so in style.

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