A Ghost Train In Penn Hills Some people claim to have seen the old Plum Creek Railroad late at night still running .

The Penn Hills ,Plum, Oakmont and Verona are has had a long relationship with trains  and various spurs which go thru the area including the former Pennsylvania railroad now the Allegheny Valley Railroad AVR  Union Railroad UR and Bessemer &Lake Erie Railroad B&LE which runs on the hill side behind where the one time Plum Creek railroad a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad once ran . A small couple hundred foot track thats still remains of it in Verona is used by daily's juice plant.  A small spur which went several miles out to plum boro and picked up coal from  Renton Coal Mine which has a sad history of an explosion that killed 9

 The plumcreek railroad

closed and was abandoned and tracks ripped out in 1972
By time we moved here in 81 the  tracks where all gone .

  However I have heard more than one story from people of them seeing this abandoned plum line still operating. I think it is more people are confusing it with a working line  after getting lost in Plum or Penn hills which is really easy to do at night and it can be very scary lost in the wooded areas out here  and not realizing where they really are yet one story in particular a friend of mine came to visit one night late coming in from Erie and claims to have seen a train operating at the bottom of hunter road which is impossible the tracks where torn out many years ago. Yet she claims she saw an older single engine pulling a couple coal cars and caboose.

Thinking she saw the AVR operating down at dailys I took her down in day lite and she swears she saw it going across hunter.
Is there anything to it. from all that I researched there was no major accident  involving the railroad at that crossing  how ever there have been many horrendous car accidents along the road and in that area with its sharp curve .Which when ghost trains are seen they often are where train accidents happened I did however find there was a murder nearby

Now behind  where these tracks are located is known as dark hollow due to all the thick woods and it can be spooky at timesas well
Railroad went thru where car is parked

So is it peoples imaginations running wild at night after getting lost or is there something more to it?

Shame it was not kept for use as a tourist railroad. 

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