Fairview Park a park built out of necessity due to Pittsburgh regions shameful past

As you ride down the old section of US-22 William Penn Highway  near Salem Twp Pa you come across a beautiful meadow and pleasant little park known as Fairview Park a neat little country park  out in the country but one built not out of enjoying the country side but of necessity you see this park was built by African Americans  after it was  clear to them they where not welcome in the many amusement type parks of the time period Like Kennywood,due to Jim Crow era rules .

In fact for years there has been rumors unsubstantiated  and denied by Kennywood that they deliberately closed and filled in there pool after African Americans where allowed to swim in it. 

the truth many pools like Blue Dell and Glen Burke where getting old and leaking and cost to keep them maintained was more than income coming in so they closed as land became more valuable . 

But the fact such a park would even need to be built is a sad chapter in  our areas history,


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