The Carlisle Indian Industrial School a Crime of Inhumanity against Native Americans

Some who have studied The Carlisle Indian Industrial School  have compared it to being just as bad as the holocaust and while you might say there where many similarities. It was not , It was thou a crime against inhumanity when young Native American Boys and Girls  where ripped from their Families and Tribes   in the mid-west and forced into the industrial schools and Americanized. Supposedly for their own good

These young boys and girls  where never again allowed to wear their native clothing or speak their native tongue and often brutally treated

In some cases some of these boys never made it back home to their tribes having died and been interred here in Pa at  the school but efforts are under way to see their graves returned to their tribes  Once again nothing but lies and deceit from the US government when it came to dealing with Native Americans .

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