A Strange Tradition of ringing Cow Bells at the Wheeling Jamboree USA Show in Wheeling W.Va.

I remember many a Saturday night on long ride homes from a job site  or working late nights and tuning in 1170AM WWVA in Wheeling W.Va.
to catch the Jamboree USA show know known as the Wheeling Jamboree from the Capital Theater

Some of the finest Country &Western music to be found short of Grand ole Opery show  in Nashville Tennessee  Which I also still tune in on WSM 650 AM on Saturday nights  ,some times.

Now if you love country music like I do the Wheeling jamboree does not disappoint my wife and I attended a live show at the Wheeling Civic center to see The Oakridge Boys  and Alabama back in the 80s .

 Thou you can no longer listen to it on  WWVA 1170 AM a big mistake on their part
there is an internet TV channel and low power FM station which broadcasts on the internet.

 If you tune in for first time or are a long time listener you will notice the ringing of Cow Bells along with clapping after artists perform. 
While today its mostly just tradition this was not the case back when the show started back in 30's 

Back then travel was tough not every one had a car and there where stil plenty of horses and buggy in rural areas .
So farmers would take their family's to to a local train or trolley stop ,to ride into wheeling  but of course not everyone went especially dairy farmers who needed some on on farm to keep an eye upon and milk the cows . Back then many farms did not have phones  so when you made it to town how could you let people know you made it. 

Yes the cowbells, seems everyone had a certain way they would ring their bell and familys listining at home when they heard their particular ring knew their loved ones made it safe .
I found out about this tradition while listening one night and the shows announcers told the story behind the cow bells .

This neat tradition goes on to this day even thou the show has changed names and venues it continues to be the highlight of Saturday evenings for many a folk.


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