Yes there actually was a Transylvania Bible School in Pennsylvania

Transylvania Bible School sure conjures up images of a college vampires would attend but this was not the case it was a very serious bible study school located on Freeport Road the Old Pa route 28
in Slate Lick  Armstrong County.
Started by the Dr. Harry Shilling in 1938  -45

In what started out as a camp ground ,gas station etc.  and grew into a beautiful historic stone 3 story learning  facility which still stands to this day  and is now known as Biblicle Life Institute

I still remember the road side sign along modern route 28 which proudly proclaimed Transylvania Bible School   back in 60s  which was there for many years. and always wondered about the place till finnaly when i was able to drive on my own I drove up the old 28 Freeport road and found it.
people don't believe you when you tell them their was just such a place named Transylvania Bible School but for any one who lived in Armstrong ,Butler County area  at the time they would remember that road sign had they traveled down Route 28.

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