An Oddly Placed Memorial about a forgotten massacare during the American revolution in Altoona area

As you drive towards Duncansville on Pa 764  coming out of Altoona in a small industrialized area you will come across a rather oddly placed memorial right beside the road so close in fact you can hardly stand in front of it a read it with out stepping onto the roadway itself.
it looks like one of those markers for a bridge deck or road mileage marker. But you would be wrong in your thinking because this marker tells of the horrific massacre of 17 Bedford Scouts during the American revolution by English Tories and Indians.

While the whole incident should be noted as part of the Battle of Frankstown it is now largely forgotten except for historians and history buffs. A dam shame these are just a handful of the many patriots who gave their lives to form this great country and this lonely marker is all there is to tell their story a story not well told or recorded at that.

As a side not a Rod equals 16.5 feet so this massacre took place approx. 742 feet from this marker.

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