Who would dig up a 100 year old boys grave ? Plus Human Bones found under an old Butler Hospital floor? 2 strange goings on in Butler county

Why in deed would anyone dig up the grave of a boy who died 100 years ago .In one of the strangest cases around some one digs up a grave of a boy killed by a train nearly 100 years ago .

Could it be dark witchcraft or satanists at work?Possibly they found something in grave they needed for a ceremony ?  
Who knows very strange in deed Some one looking for treasure? well what ever it was that caused them to dig it up we will probably never know .
Then around same time this happened under the wooden  floors of the Old Butler Memorial Hospital which was turned into apartments and is visible at the towns entrance as you go over the bridge on Pa Route  8  they have found what appears to be human bones as well which there has not been anything in news with either of these incidents in last 3 years since they happened.
Old yellow brick butler hospital on right along hill side 
Butler County has many more mystery's as well including all types of disappearances and unsolved murders more than any other county in Western Pa.
Tales of bodies being dumped in old coal mine shafts and alien UFO and big foot Activity yes you have it all in Butler County which I will be discussing in upcoming articles. 

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