Its True at one time to get home some people had to go under the Edgar Thompson Steel Works Via a Haunted Tunnel

Before the Massive Edgar Thompson Steel Works expanded to its current site there sat at the mouth of Turtle Creek and the Mon River a small little town called Port Perry

Just a small town with 13 saloons and such.  to reach it you had to take Hamburg Road which was a tunnel that went under the Edgar Thompson mil site.

Port Perry as it looks today 
That was till WWII broke out and the town was needed to make steel for the war. 
Oh but the story does not end there .
Rumors have it the tunnel was haunted by a ghost of  dead steel worker who lost his life in the mill still others say its the jilted wife killed by her husband . To this day it is said workers avoid this area of the mill because of the strange goings on.
of course this is not the only ghost around Braddock  where General Braddock lost his life in a battle with indians and where a fabricating shop I take care of is rumored to be haunted by a ghost known as Airplane Joe ,who died at his machine he operated the day he was to retire. 
You can not get onto the  Port Perry town property any more  its all posted but you can see it from across the creek down Dooks Hollow area  only couple foundations can be seen. 

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