Pittsburgh has its own Stone Henge mystery near McKees Rocks bridge

Thousands of people drive by them everyday along Pa. Route 65 next to the Mckees Rocks Bridge about a dozen old concrete piers  in a circular  sticking out of the ground next to a Duquesne Light Company Sub Station .
No one seems to know there purpose.
Where they once used as a Military gun Platform for Anti Aircraft guns during WWII ?
Possible no one remembers

Stilts for a water or oil tank ? also possible

They held a building which was used by river men to watch the barge fleet below ? that's more likely
but no one seems to know.

I hope to poke around them some day and come up with the answer.

Pillars to left of Intersection 


  1. Did you ever happen to figure out what these were for? I just noticed them yesterday and have been going through old maps, old aerials and everything else I usually use to solve my mysteries. I ended up Googling it and came across your post. I haven't had a chance to walk over to them yet.

  2. Did you ever find out what these belonged to? I just noticed them the other day and haven't been able to find anything through my regular resources.

  3. Hi there, my father & uncles told me that these concrete posts were the foundations for water towers that fed the steam locomotives. There could have been a coal tipple up there too.