They say everyone has a double but when your arrested for something your double did it gets complicated and becomes a made for TV movie

I have people walk up to me all the time and start talking to me like they know me, when I do not know them. Ends up I have an exact double his first name is Raymond and we both attended Brashear High School I would end up getting questioned all the time what was i doing in the trade school class halls when I should be upstairs in class.
Eventually i was issued a Carrick High school OVT ID and it showed I was in the Electric Wiring course which helped stop the issues but for those couple months it was a real pain. The Principle Dr. Nicklaus use to get a big laugh over the whole thing.
SO I can sympathize with a gentleman who got accused of robbing and Kidnapping a Girl I went to grade school with Denise Wisniewski  who lived couple blocks from me and  who was a clerk at a Fotomat  kiosk in  Mt Lebanon - Castle Shanon .
Fotomats where very popular kiosk to drop off your camera  film to get developed when I was a young man they where everywhere.

But when mini labs became affordable and every drug store had one the Fotomats went away.
Fotomat similar to one  Denise worked at.

But of course now mini labs have all but become extinct as digital cameras have hit the market .

the Incident with Denise  happened back in October of 1980

Robbed kidnapped and held overnight in a cabin in the woods till she was finally released  she first Identified 
Robert Dillen  a Photographer as he had a striking resemblance to the true suspect  Frank J. Jezeiorski 
Poor Robert Dillen went thru hell till the real culprit was caught. He had to end up moving out of PA. I do not know if he ever fully recovered or was made whole after going thru $30,000 he borrowed from his parents for legal defenses.
 The whole incident was so intriguing a made for TV  movie  was produced which I am still trying to find the name of. 
This was definitely one of those It could never happen to me nightmares that Happened to Robert Dillen and a NYPD Detective who found himself in a similar situation till culprit was caught. 
and recently happened to a Museum Security guard here in Pittsburgh  who was jailed for almost a year till it was proved he was at class that evening. thats why i always keep track where I am working and what i am dong it is to easy to get accused and then have to prove it was not you. 

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