A Haunted Chapel in a Personel Care Home in Washington County ? Some claim it is

This Personnel Care Home near Houston Pa. which does not want its name revealed  has been many things over the years so the fact the chapel may be haunted comes as no surprise

It started out as a log cabin then it was a  boarding home said to have taken part in the underground railroad movement   then 1920's era Bootleggers Speak Easy hotel  then it was converted to a Tuberculosis Sanitarium in 40's and finally a Personnel Care  Home  in 70's

The statuary and pews for the chapel came from local churches and people claim they get the feeling they are being watched one reported seeing an orb while another reported the faces of the statues coming to life.
 Any truth to any of it who knows but with the history of this place and its mysterious tunnels underneath one of which was rumored to go all the way to Cannonsburg  you could say it is a creepy place at times.I know I have been in the basement by myself

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