Rope Way scary enough part of Pittsburgh at night and being haunted adds to the suspence

Rope Way is one of those tight little alleyways you pass as you go thru the Allegheny West section  of North Side of Pittsburgh near West Park. I have passed it and been down it even walking along it in day light and never seen anything then again others have.
Depending where you are traveling in the North Side at night it can be a scary experience
So an alley way being haunted just adds to the suspense and there are rumors of many haunted houses and buildings  in the Allegheny West section  as it is one of the oldest sections of Pittsburgh and was at one time its own City known as City of Allegheny.

 Said to be named because of a factory which once made Hemp Rope  for boats and ships  in early 1800's
The alley is said tobe haunted by the ghosts of those sailors who lost there lives in the battle of Lake Erie where  the rope for none other than Commodore Perry's   Fleet of Ships  was made.

  However other accounts claim that the rope was made for Northern yankee forces during the civil war and the ghosts of confederate sailors are who are haunting the alley

People claim to see shadows  and some times hear moans of the sailors .
although one article in a  book claims it is the moan of a British sailor who was captured by Indians and tortured to death on Smokey island where today's Hienz Field sits and NFL Steelers do battle. approx. 1/4mile away the whole area of Allegheny West was known as the Dark area and supposedly avoided by Native Americans because this was the burial ground for the white man and other enemy s  they had killed.

Many claim this is why the area is so spooky and has so many haunted areas and homes .

Rope Way Today

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