A long Gone Haloween Haunted House attraction in Cranberry where a real Axe Murder took place ?

About where the Sheetz now sits on freedom Road sat an old farm house which was turned into a Halloween Haunted house attraction.
But the house hid a real secret many years earlier an entire family was killed in an axe murder.
back around 1980 while attending a Gem & Mineral show in new castle in October   a friend  Danny Michaels decided to stop and check out all the haunted houses on the way back to Pittsburgh we stopped at several which no longer exist.

Several articles mention a house which was part of the old Warrendale Youth development center a Juvenile jail but we did not drive back over the turnpike bridge as I remember and it was torn down for Thornberg industrial park so this must be the 2nd location for it.

 While waiting to go in the staff member I was talking to told me about a family being murdered in the home by some one with an Axe  and how girls would get there hair pulled some times when working the home and setting up for the evening and some had seen a full body apparition.
Thou I have tried to verify the story I have not found anything yet. But yes there have been many murders by axe in early years of Western Pa. so the story could well be true.
The few people who I know who live in cranberry know nothing about the house or the murder as the community has greatly expanded over the years and even those at community center did not even know it existed or about it being a haunted Halloween attraction.My next try will be thru the historical society and then County records if I can find the time some day.

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