The Curry Hotel where some guests checked in but never checked out

Knocked to the ground and hauled away as part of a intersection realignment  the Old Curry Hotel in the South Hills  along Curry Hollow Road & Brownsville Road served travelers well into the late 70's with overnight rooms  But then stayed just a Bar Changing its format a couple of times. It was closed a few years then re opened as Sally Double Eagle Saloon  I was hired to install the Burglar Alarm in the bar in late 80's,3520117

A neighborhood  dive bar where you could stop and have a couple beers on the way home. 
it was not a very fancy place and basically looked like an old farm home  from outside.
 and had a large porch on one side  but the people where always nice and the beer cold  and Sally was a hell of a cook .

The upstairs bedrooms went unused  when they reopened and when installing the cameras and alarms I had to work upstairs and it reminded you of an old west movie hotel. There was a ledger book showed all the guests who stayed over the years but every time I was up there it always felt like some one was watching you and the place was creaky upstairs  made noises every time you walked on the floors.
Employees often said when in bar by them selves it sounded like some one walking around upstairs.
But when they looked no one was there. Supposedly a couple guests passed away while staying there but that appears to be speculation.  I can not find anything to substantiate it let alone a picture of the bar from the outside.  It was a nice piece of  the town of Curry History now gone.

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