Homestead a town with many Haunted structures and scene of tragic labor strike which resulted in deaths

Homestead Pa. a river town near Pittsburgh  was once the site of a very large US Steel mill where a bloody labor  battle in the  late 1800's resulted in many deaths. But thats not what sets Homestead apart from most communities.
It also has a Haunted High School , Library and  Former Police Station

But why so many haunted places in such a small area?
A  friend of mine Mark (Drake) Bowan  the Director of Oakmont Paranormal Society has been investigating this area particularly the Library for many years now and may have some answers on the Library as it is believed it was built over a former cemetery and all of the graves might not have been moved. when the library and park where built .

One of my institutional customers  at one time Holy Family Institute rented the former St Micheal's
High school near by the Library and it too is rumored to be haunted as many people claim to have seen shadows moving about  the floors

Now a Charter school  when I took care of it we had many strange false alarms and when camera tape was reviewed we often saw strange flashes of light when alarm would go off  which went un explained. thou in Munhall its right on the line many people mistake the area for being part of Homestead .

Then there is the haunted Police station which would often creep out the night dispatcher.

No longer in use  and falling down it still attracts ghost hunters who want to explore it. and its strange noises.
Homestead has seen its hard times and is slowly rebuilding and hopefully what has started along the waterfront will continue on up the hill to the whole community but till then it will be crime ridden and full of abandoned structures which is a shame for this once very proud community.

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