Playful Ghost watches over Photo Museum on Pittsburghs North Side ?

A customer and friend of mine Bruce Klein over the years expanded his fathers photography business
Bernies Photo on the North side of Pittsburgh  into several buildings along E. Ohio Street  and he started several sub business one of which is Photo Antiquities

a Museum of Photographic History .

You can see  historic photos and cameras from the beginning of photography to the present in several rooms on 2 floors  in the museum which took Bruce many years to accumulate and then be able to display.

However some of us who work there and guests claim they felt a presence of some one watching them  or seeing shadows and during the building of the museum many times tools and items left on the steps would all of a sudden come rolling down by themselves and items seem to disappear and reappear. One group of lady's  touring by themselves  commented on the nice harpsichord music playing the one day when the stereo system was not on  and only had a classical CD in it. 
and I recently found out about a horrifc car explosion which killed 3 people on the street right in front of the place in the 50s' when a estranged husband killed his wife and a passerby with a car bomb

 and a robbery of a tailor in the right side 1st floor shop when a tailor worked there

While Bruce is quick to dismiss all this as nonsense as the building is very old and creaky by it self  others feel there really is a presence there. Possibly a former business owner or tenant  watching the place or possibly one of the many Civil War Generals who are displayed on the upper floor.

Well if there is really no paranormal activity going on you will certainly find all kinds of fascinating things to see and Bruce hopes to some day move the museum up the street to better accommodate guests.

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