Seems Some guests never checked out of the Famous William Penn Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh

The William Penn hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh has been the Grand Dame of hotels since its opening in. 1916

 Host to many famous people and conventions it has been a mainstay along an ever changing  Grant Ave .

It was recently remodeled and as part of the remodel  and old secret one time speak easy bar has been reopened  as part of its nostalgic  past.
But one of its better kept secrets is the fact that it also seems to house some ghostly goings on as well. on its upper floors in particular floors 22and 23 which are not in use

 Supposedly a young student was found murdered when the floors where used as a dormitory while I have not been able to verify this story.

There where in fact 1documeted suicide  in the hotel  a lingerie salesman and a murder an employee killing another employee in hotels locker room .

The hotel has also been home to many a Allegheny County Common plea Murder trail jury while in sequester .

So if its not a young woman's ghost maybe its the womens under garments  salesman haunting the place.

Then again which so many big names and events passing thru and its famous ball room who would not be surprised by the fact a hotel manager one night heard goings on in the ball room and found an old fashioned swing dace going on to disappear right before his eyes.

Yes all kinds of things go on in Pittsburgh Hotels from famous to infamous from kinky to bizarre is it no wonder why some are said to be haunted.

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