Another Urban legend The Wood Chopper of Milltown ( Penn Hills Pa. )

Thou there may have been a murder that this legend is based off there it apears to be a tottaly made up legend .

The story goes that a woodsman who lived in a cabin near the town of milltown  next to the Newfield Coal Mine in late 1800's
 became jealouly enraged when he caught his wife fooling around with another milltown man and that he burst into the cabin catching the cheating wife and man and went about killing them  bruttaly with an axe
and taking off  into the woods to never be found .

The legend goes  that to this day on an ocassional warm quiet summer night you can hear the woodsman  chopping away in the woods with his axe. near where the newfield mine once operated , when you stop along The road way and yell  "woodchopper chop wood " 3 times  this is just one of the many variations of the story I have heard.

The truth the wood chopper noise people would hear was an old Gully Whumper  Oil Well  pumping away along Indiana Road. which was run on ocassion in the summer time .

The wood chopper myth may have been started as a way to explain the noise the well made when operating as a way to scare the local kids  as it pumped away late into the night.

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