Lake Author Claims another victum some say the lake has Bad Karma.

I spent the summer of 1977 as a Assistant to Camp Staff Ranger and a Canoe Voyager at Camp Semiconon in Butler County Pa.
Once a week my self or the other Voyager John would take a group of  10-20 scouts on a 7 mile hike from camp Semiconon located along Conequenessing Creek to Moraine State Park and Lake Arthur in Prospect we would then get in the canoes which where waiting for us and canoe 2 miles across the lake and stay overnight in the area  of where an old town was located  where you could still find old foundations some jutting up out of the lake the yelow pin on google earth shows where we use to stay .

The entire time I was on these trips and years subsequent when my own troop went on " The Shoe & Canoe " Trips  as they where known I was always on guard and peaked as something did not seem right with the whole area . Especially after the scary experience we had with unknown intruders into the camp the first week of the 77 season.
The area is heavily wooded and Indian names and lore are rampant  as is tales of witch craft  and satanic worship thru out that rural section  of Butler County .Plus sevral cemetarys the snyder cemetary said to be haunted by a creature with red eyes

As well as the old stone house  Tavern nearby where many unsavory things happned  by Highwaymen and lore of buried treasure they left

Any truth to any of it who knows but a lot of strange deaths and disappearances have occurred all over Butler County and I often get the feeling I should not be some where so I get the hell out of there good advice regardless if a situation does not feel right leave the area .There maybe nothing to it but better to be safe than sorry.

Lake Author has seen many deaths over the years as well  from boaters who run into problems and people who go swimming and have drowned  and 3 recent cases in the same fall time period over several years 2012, 2014, and 2015   just add to the mystery and mystique of the area

Several middle age men  go fishing and hunting  etc. around the same time in the Fall  and  all found drowned in the lake

Is there some kind of conspiracy going on?

The answer is No.  While there are those who claim Indian spirits are at work who cause things to happen and pull people under the water like the tales of the river witch  . The truth is  as the weather changes from summer to fall so does the weather and the lake itself as the bottom becomes  more slippery from decaying foliage and winds get much stronger across the lakes surface as winter  storms move in. There are also many large sink holes in the lake due to fact it is man made as well as obstructions from old farm building foundations etc which where flooded over as weel as being part of a mine reclamation project   which lead to tripping hazards.etc when lake levels are low  and accidents will happen .

All 3 made the mistake of going to the lake and being by themselves near or in the water a very bad idea in fall as water temperatures plummet and one can die  due to exposure very quickly. Especially if one is not engaged in regular exercise  activity .
One of the leading causes of middle aged  hunters opening day deaths are heart attacks when they go into the field for a vigorous days activity and they normally are couch potatoes.

 Safety  Experts advise You should never Hike ,Hunt or Boat by yourself in the fall and winter time especially around water yet many do and have never had an issue but it only takes that few seconds of inattention or sudden medical issue arise and if no one is nearby you may well lose your life because no one knows you are in trouble.

While there are those who like to blame supernatural forces are at work at the lake  and often cite Chief Corn Planters curse on the white man  its seems all to often we are our own worse enemy. 

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