A most unusual Wreck Site along I-77 in South Eastern Ohio

 Was recently going down Interstate  I -77 south to Charleston WV. to handle a problem for a customer when I noticed a large American flag with what looked like a billboard next to it.

Well it was not a advertisement at all . What the location is in fact the site of the crash of the Rigid Dirigible  Airship USS Shenandoah in 1925 .

There is a small trailer on site which serves as a museum I will have to check out some day as well.

While we often hear about the terrible accident and fire regarding the Hindenburg  .
But the US Navy built and also had disastrous accidents with dirigibles  as well Shenandoah being just one of them and in each case there was loss most if not all crewman.

 The Shenandoah completed 57 trips successfully until it was traveling thru this part of Ohio on a 40 city tour when on Sept 2nd 1925  a sudden updraft from a storm grabbed it up into the atmosphere where its gas bags blew holes and then crashed to the ground 14 crewman died that day but miraculously 29 survived.

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