A synagogue which looks like it is unused in Braddock Pa. is actually open 2 times a year

Its a shame Braddock like many River towns along the Monongahela River have been hit hard by the loss of Steel Industry Jobs which has seen  a major loss in population which means many stores and churches sit empty and abandoned this also means synagogues as well because many of these towns had small Jewish population which left as well when the stores and business they operated where no longer viable .
Such is the story of Braddock which once had 3 operating Synagogues and now has only one open
 Ahavath Achim which has services  twice a year

Rosh Hashana  and Yom kipper

It is because of Dedicated family's of Jews  that such synagogues and there memories exist .
and have not been forgotten.

Unfortunately the synagogue has seen its share of crime as well having been burglarized and copper stolen a common problem for structures which sit empty.

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