The Ghost Line a Haunted Trolley Line which ran from the Glenwood Bridge to Rankin Boro

All the years I rode trolleys and buses around Pittsburgh and in talking with the operators on late nite trips back from working as a guard while going to trade school I never heard about this strange tale of a Trolley line called the Ghost Line .

It was a single line track which paralleled the CSX /

B&O Railroad Tracks and  ran between the Trolley Barn in Rankin along the Monongahela River to the Glenwood Bridge in Hazelwood Section of Pittsburgh. about 5 miles  and was used once in morning and once at night mainly to shuttle cars and keep the line active and not have to abandon it. It served one little town called Ducks Hollow and
It was said to be haunted particularity at night. There is no road along it so it never saw regular  motor vehicle usage

Weird story's of headless bodies being seen and terrifying passenger and  Motorman  so worried theywhere said to carry fire arms or would refuse to make the run at night as testified to by newspaper accounts at the time.

Now whats strange is I can find very little if any reason why this particular track line would be haunted and by whom .
It did pass the Famous Carrie Furnaces of USS  but never heard reports of headless body's or decapitations happening at furnaces thou many men where killed there over the years.  Never read or heard of a Indian massacre occurring or serial killer along this stretch so rather interesting it would be haunted.

Definitely going to have to dig into this deeper to see what would result in the haunting s

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