A Horrifying Robbery and Murder of Shop keeper and 2 customers just over the state line over 40 years ago goes unsolved.

East Liverpool  was once a bustling town along the Ohio River  just across the Pa. State line and the thinnest section of the W.Va. panhandle as its known at Chester where you can see the worlds largest tea pot
Located along US 30 the town was once considered the china and pottery capital of the world  I  Remember riding thru East Liverpool on Sunday drives my dad would take our family on and passing all the china  outlet shops of the E. Liverpool Factory's  including ones  located along US 30  in Imperial  Pa.  such as Scio China near Pittsburgh which unfortunately burned to the ground couple decades back.
But it too became a victim of the rust belt when the steel mills went down not needing all the ceramics used in industrial  steel process and cheap foreign imports only a couple factory's now exist in the whole valley .
Still a beautiful old town to ride thru where you can still see some of the industrial kilns and tour a pottery museum it was also the scene of a most horrific robbery murder of a shop keeper and his  2 customers in. 1973

I was just old enough to be entering high school when it happened and remember  hearing about it on evening news.
It was a hot day when the robber or robbers came into used furniture-antique store of elderly  Earl Tweed and during the robbery  2 possible customer's who walked in on it where also killed a pregnant 22 yr old Linda Morris and her 4 yr old daughter Angela  in a most horrific beating and stabbing .
Just blocks from local police station. 

The robbery and murder was like none before and drugs and junkies where not yet at the point of proliferating in the Ohio valley  and crimes where small in the town. 
With US 30 just 2 blocks away  it could have been a transient and the Lady walking in with her daughter just complicated matters  during the robbery and beating or it could have been some one local but for as violent as this murder was you think some one would have heard or saw something with the murders happening around what is beloved to be the noon hour.You think some one would have heard a scream.
One angle I do not know if police looked into was fact Mr. Tweed  had rental property's was it some disgruntled renter or was it some one who came to inquire about a rental and instead decided to go for the money they possibly saw?
1973 was also the time when Debbie Makel was killed in a most horrific fashion in Rices landing Pa.  as well any link. Was this a serial killer on the prowl? 

Some day hopefully we will know thru DNA but I am afraid once again the killer will have long been dead or too old to truly prosecute. 
It appears from Google Earth the ramshackle shop no longer exists US 30 is to the left

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