Fayette County State Troopers call it Fayettenam ! For a reason for all its violence . But did you know there is also treasure hiding there?

Fayette County  Known by Locals as Fayette Nam   has a long history of Violence, Murder, Arson ,explosions   Labor Disturbances , Mine and railroad disasters , Floods   and Mystery's


 Dubbed Fayette Nam By newly commissioned  Pa. State Troopers who work in the county as a break in for there eventual permanent duty posts  Fayette county is the perfect training ground for fresh troopers  which is mostly  rural  has few local police and has the highest rate of  Unemployment and Poverty in the State its no wonder it is in the evening news almost constantly.

With its rolling mountains and deep hidden valleys  there is plenty of story's and lore about the area.

One of the  things Locals warn you about are the Inbreeds and Mountain People who live in the more remote sections of the county.
You only need to go shopping in Connelsville  at Pechins Village  along US 119 on certain nights and see the characters there shopping when they come down out of the mountains . There is nothing you have seen on Face Book or Realty TV even comes close , having experienced the mountain people and inbreeds myself  while working in more remote areas of the county.

But even with all the bad there is so much good to see and do there if your careful and mind your manners.

One persistent rumor that has always been it seems in the county is hidden treasure of 16 tons of gold and silver bars and coins  which was plundered  from troops escorting payrolls during Civil war  or stolen by Highway bandits and hidden away in caves  waiting to be discovered. It is even suggested a chest of treasure was left behind by British troops who where attacked in Braddock and left it along the trail some where in hasty retreat back to Maryland

There is even the strange case of a relic which seems to be from middle east even being found in one such cave.

If I was going to hide treasure or a body if I was a mob member Fayette county would be the place to do it with all its abandoned coal mines with deep shafts and deep hidden ravines and cutbacks you could easily hide something right in plain sight yet not be seen.
There was even rumors of a small silver mine up near Laurel caverns along US 40 in late 1800's

But the real treasures are the beautiful mountains and streams and water falls  which can be found on just about any back  road you take off of US 119 .

So if you go looking for treasure mind your manners and enjoy the day and just be aware of your surroundings .

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