How does an 88 year old man disappear earlier this month without a trace where is George Pochiba ? /Sadly we now know

When I have seen what friends have gone thru dealing with loved ones who have severe dementia  like has happened in my family or Alzheimer's my heart just breaks for them that's what makes the disappearance of 88 year old George Pochiba  so difficult to understand.

Where can he be they have used  state police helicopters , tracking dogs and hundreds of people have been looking for  him how far could he have possibly gone. Scenery Hill is a very scenic rural area I have been thru on US 40 The national road many times full of unique shops and boutiques  and its  a large area to cover but the people looking know the area like the back of there hand .
Is it possible he is staying with some one and there not letting family know ? was he abducted? Did he fall in a hole or old well  and has perished? all these terrible thoughts goes thru your mind.
I just hope this story has a happy ending for all.
 But Georges case is all too just familiar , one of many elderly who go walking away from there homes never to be seen alive again and as  in most cases they sadly end when there remains are  found months some times years later by hunters or hikers.
I sure hope this is not the case for George and all turns out well.
Having dealt with friends whose relatives develop dementia  they often revert back to memory's when they where young and possibly this was what George was trying to do to get back home or some where from earlier in his life.
If you where a fan of the Sopranos TV show  you will remember a episode where elderly Junior Soprano went wandering into his old neighborhood and was luckily found by the police. A late friend of mines mom when she developed dementia kept looking for the young daughter who had died decades ago  in the 30's from illness .Its heart breaking to watch them go in and out one day they know who you are the next your a stranger to them .

 There are tracking wrist bands and alarms  available  to help prevent wandering even systems which can be put on a loved ones home for a few hundred dollars but most people do not know they exist or when they do inquire unscrupulous dealers want thousands of dollars for a system which costs $300.00-500.00
This is where we need help from corporations and charity's  to help family's with these tracking systems being put in place .Because it happens all the time especially in Western Pa. where we have the 2nd biggest elderly population behind Florida . No family should ever have to go thru what the Pochibas are now going thru . Its not fair we have the technology to prevent it and we are not using it.

Update : Sadly  They have Found Georges body in a grass field near his home

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