The Hidden Washboard Falls deep in a ravine in Sharpsburg Pa where you can feel the spirit of Chief Guyasuta

located deep in a 175 acre Ravine in Sharpsburg Pa is  Boy Scout Camp Guyasuta 
it was donated in 1918 to the Boy scouts by one of the Descendants  of James Ohara  for which the town of Ohara gets its name  and the falls them selves have little changed from when the great chief guyasuta and his fellow Native Americans first traveled its path.

 The camp is open daily to the public and you are welcome to make the aprox. 1 mile hike all the way back to the falls  after checking in with the  Camp Ranger and letting him know you would like to hike up to them. 

But when you do hike up to the very remote area be ready to experience nature like you have never seen it before and experience what it was like when native Americans and chief guyasuta traveled these falls. 
Which obviously got there name wash Board from natural shelf formations


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